Stadium Workout

50 Plyo Jumps

50 Plyo Jumps

We are still in Venice, Fl, and I cannot get enough of the weather.  It has been mid 80’s and sunny every day since we have been here, and I am in HEAVEN!  As always, I try to spend as much time as possible outside, and of course that includes my workouts!

Today I decided to use the Football stadium down the road from the condo.   The stadium is about .75 miles away, which I used as my warm-up jog.  I then used the stairs & field for the rest of my workout, which you can find below.

As you will learn through this blog, there is a fitness facility around every corner, you just have to be creative!

3/4 mile warm up jog

End with 3/4 mile 5K pace home.


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