Beach Workout and Yoga


This morning I decided to head down to Venice Beach early to do some Yoga.  I arrived at the beach a little before 8am, just in time to watch over 100 Yogi’s filing onto the beach to do some “Free Yoga with Elin”.  I opted not to do THIS Yoga, since it is very low impact based on the elderly clientele.  Instead, I walked about 100 yards down the beach and set up my beach towel, Ipad to listen to my Yoga Mix (Jai Uttal, Eddie Vedder, Krishna Das, etc) and my cheat sheet (Tara Stiles Yoga Book)  I practiced for about 40 minutes, and it was nice to notice slight improvements starting to happen.

After waking my body up, I decided to do some strength at a nearby bench on the beach. There is something about a imagebench that makes it hard for me to pass up!!!  I did 50 push ups, and 25 one legged sit and stands (sit and stand using only one leg). I then moved to the towel where I did 100 shoulder slaps (straight arm plank position-alternate slapping right hand to left shoulder & left hand to right shoulder-as fast as you can, trying not to rock & keeping a tight core with belly button facing the ground)

I then walked to the car to put my mat & bag away, and took off down the island towards the pier.  I ran a good pace, imageknowing it was only about a mile away. Once I arrived at the Pier I found another bench (seen on the left picture) at Humphris Park (I told you I was a sucker for benches) and did 100 bench jumps (plyo jumps) I then turned around and ran back to the car, another mile at a decent pace.  What a great way to start the morning!!

**The thing I love most about being creative with outdoor workouts, is how they catch the attention of others.  Not only does it give others ideas which creates that “aha” moment: “Hey, I never looked at a bench that way before” but it also creates good conversation.  Being a networker at heart, I look at every person I see as either a potential client or someone who can teach me something new.  What a great way to spark a conversation and possibly inspire or be inspired by someone new!!


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