Yoga Challenge: Week One Results



It has been just over a week, and after looking at the pics, I think I am showing small improvements in my poses. I have made sure to practice every day, some days 15 minutes, other days 45 minutes. I have found that TRACKING my results with pictures and holding myself accountable with a blog has helped tremendously. Since I am very competitive & hate being below average at anything, I find myself working on my flexibility throughout the day when I am not just “practicing”. While in the pool I work on my Eagle, Dancer, Big Toe Hold, etc.

I have done a lot of practicing with my Ipad, watching Tara Stiles videos on youtube. I find this an easier way to practice for an extended period. I am not familiar with poses enough to get a good flow on my own. I also have realized that classes/video is so much better because as you are doing the pose, you hear a cue that makes it so much easier. I am so far from being able to do a “wheel” (I want to do this so bad) but when Tara told me to “lift my chest” I was actually able to get off the ground a little.

The other things I am struggling with:

  • The competitor in me is getting frustrated.  I want quick results & I need to learn to have patience and enjoy the process!
  • My mind wanders!  I know being in a class environment may help this, but on my own I don’t get into the “zone”.  The few times I have, I have seen a huge difference.  I am able to settle into poses so much deeper & so much more relaxed.  Not only does my body benefit from this, but my mind does also.
  • I struggle with my desire to run and do strength and plyometric exercises because I feel they may “undo” all I have done.  This is where I need to remind myself that I am not doing this to compete in Yoga competitions.  I am simply doing it to relieve some pain & become more flexible.  Doing Yoga will help with this.

With all that being said, here are the pictures of my poses one week later.  You can compare them to my Day one poses and see what you think.  Feel free to leave me feedback and comments!  Maybe some advice!


2 thoughts on “Yoga Challenge: Week One Results

  1. These improvements are amazing and so inspirational. I actually am shocked there could be this much improvement in only 15 days. Can you provide more information on the exact videos you use? Did you just do a pick a new Tara Stiles YouTube video everyday? Imagine what you will look like in 60 days if this was only 15. Way to go, can’t wait to see more updates!

    • Hi Tracy! Those pictures were actually 8 days of practicing!! I pinned most of the videos i like, but if you kust go to youtube and type in Tara Stiles Yoga you can get.some good ones! Thanls for reading and your awesome feedback. 🙂

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