200 Yd Results & the REAL Challenge Revealed

sometimes you need to drag the spouse for support

sometimes you need to drag the spouse for support

On Thursday my husband, Erik, and I headed to the football field to try the 200 yd  challenge I explained a few blogs back.   We were both nervous, feeling like we were walking into the first day of tryouts.  I really think that being an “athlete” is a lifetime character trait, and the emotions you felt during your career are ones you can tap into at any time as if they were there yesterday.  We decided to take turns, one timing while the other is sprinting.  Stepping up to the goal line, 100 yards seemed SO FAR away….AND we had to sprint BACK too.  We were not only worried that we may be throwing up our breakfast, but we would be doing it on the 5th interval….6 away from our goal!

I went first, and my legs felt like jello out of the gate.  The beauty of challenges is you instantly get those “nerves” the minute the clock starts, and your workout becomes something different.  Something exciting.  Something more CHALLENGING!  I did my first one in 38 seconds, allowing me 22 seconds to catch my breath.  That was the fastest 22 seconds of my life.  I continued at this pace for the first few, and at my 5th interval I was up around 42 seconds.  To my surprise, I stayed at this pace for the next 5 or so.  I felt like I was going SLOW, and a part of me (as I neared about 10) thought, “God, I hope I am over a minute so this can be over”.  I ended up doing 12 rounds, and I probably could have done a couple more accept (close your ears is you are sensitive) I got WICKED female cramps & needed to sit (a.k.a crawl into the fetal position).

Erik’s turn.  He hasn’t worked out a ton, and was very nervous with what his results would be.  However, he has been an athlete his whole life, playing basketball at the collegiate level, and I know he would step up to the challenge.  He ended up doing 11, oone less than me…..we aren’t too competitive 😉  We were very pleased with our results, but knew something must be wrong. We are in above average shape, but we are NOT in D1 Soccer shape.!  (Usually I am in great cardio shape, but the last couple months I have stopped a lot of running & plyo to focus on healing my body with Yoga and stretching)  I dug a little deeper into the Challenge details, and realized that the actual challenge is done on a Soccer Field NOT a Football Field.  This would add about another 40 yards to what we did…I guess we won’t be trying out for the Michigan Soccer Team.

So, this is the new Challenge: Find a SOCCER FIELD and sprint endline to endline.  You have ONE MINUTE.  Your rest is the amount of time under a minute you finish.  You are done when it takes you more than one minute to complete.  Your Goal: 11

GOOD LUCK!  We will try to find a soccer field and try again!


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