Yoga Challenge: 2 Week Results (photo progression)



It has been 16 days since I posted my first pictures of my chosen Yoga Poses.  Since then, I have tried to incorporate Yoga daily, whether it be a 10 minute/50 minute Tara Stiles YouTube video, or practicing Yoga by myself on the beach.  After viewing the difference between my Week One & Week Two Poses, I realize that to continue to make big changes (and even maintain changes) I need to start practicing longer every day and a bigger variety of poses.  I tend to do the same Tara Stiles Video (which I love because it’s 50 minutes) and I can see the poses that are repeated in that video are the ones I am seeing the biggest improvements in (downward dog, low lunge, etc)  When I get home I plan to attend more Yoga classes! 

My favorite pose progression is the Triangle Pose!  As I look at pictures, some look as if I have not improved or may have even digressed (ex. Extended Angle).  This is because I was doing the poses incorrectly before, and opening up in the wrong areas.  I can’t wait to start getting into the techniques and nitty-gritty of the poses!  I am so happy I took these pictures to show my progression and as I move forward on this journey I plan to keep posting my progress (maybe posting monthly pics) ENJOY!  Comments or advice on poses are welcome 🙂

Below you will see DAY ONE, WEEK ONE, and WEEK TWO in order from left to right:


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