Staying “Connected”

imageAs I dip my toes into this world of twitter, blogging, and the rest of the social media universe I have recently taken time to evaluate what my goals are as I move forward.  As Lawrence Peter says, “if you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”

Here is what I have come up with as to why I am venturing into this world:

  • I have a lot of thoughts that I like to put onto paper. Usually I turn to my journal, but why not put those thoughts “out there”….who knows who they may help or inspire.
  • I have always loved to write. I used to blog for my business, and now that I don’t I miss it!
  • I love the challenge and competition of it all.  “How does that girl have 5000 followers and I have 50?”…”How is that couple making money traveling, and we aren’t?”  I love finding new ways to get followers and I have always loved networking, and this is a wonderful way to do it virtually!
  • Eventually I want to TRAVEL and I have always pondered a way to make money on the road. Who knew so much $$$ can be made by blogging?

Here is my dilemma:  How do I stay true to the simple, UNCONNECTED life of camping/travel that I crave, while competing with others in a constant CONNECTED world?

I guess this will be something that I will have to work on balancing as I continue this journey. Being that I am just starting, I feel I need to be connected at all times, when in actuality I can set up boundaries in the future that will allow me to stay PRESENT in the moment without being obsessed with “sharing” that moment with the cyber world. I see this as my biggest challenge as I move forward, as I tend to become obsessive about things, especially when it involves growing a “business”.

What is your secret? How do you balance work and relaxation?


One thought on “Staying “Connected”

  1. Tough one! We just got back from a sailing adventure on the Liberty Clipper in the Bahamas. Can’t really keep up with social media when you’re out sailing for a week. That’s sometimes the case. We just try to do the best we can. We want to really appreciate and soak in each adventure, but try to share it with everyone too. Hard balance. Keep us updated on your adventures! Cheers 🙂 Nik – Two for the Road

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