Charlotte/Nemo Workout

imageNot sure if you heard New England got a load of snow dumped on us, but above is a picture to show you what we woke up to.  Yes, those are our cars buried with just the roofs showing!!   The blizzard known as Charlotte a.k.a. Nemo rocked our socks off, dropping 39 inches of snow in my small Connecticut town.  In my 32 years I have NEVER seen anything like this, and of course I took this as a WORKOUT “opportunity of a lifetime”! So, I spent nearly 8 hours yesterday shoveling a) a plot for my dog to use the bathroom b) back deck c) front porch d) sidewalk e) digging our cars out f) digging our neighbors cars out.

So, in total I did about 6-7 hours of active shoveling (that’s w/o the socializing), burning about 350 calories/hr = about 2275 calories! My arms have not been this sore in ages!!  In return I got some fresh air and met neighbors I have lived next to for years. It really is amazing how natural disasters bring people together and show us the power of unity and humanity.

So, next time you get a snow storm, put the snow blower away and grab the shovel. Use the legs, alternate sides, engage the core, and get in a good workout!!  Follow up with a little Tara Stiles Back Pain Yoga and you will sleep like a baby!


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