Yoga Challenge: 6 Weeks In

I have to say that since I have returned from sunny, warm, beautiful Florida, my Yoga practice has been slacking a little.  I am still trying to do at least 20 minutes every day, but I feel there are days I am doing that strictly because I know I will have to post photos soon (I know you all have been on the edge of your seats waiting!) and not because I am craving it like a did in Florida.

A large part of this could be due to the mild depression I have slipped into since returning home to wintry, cold, snowy CT (read ME vs. SAD )  As you will see in my photos, my backdrop is no longer a sunny poolside zen-like area, but INSIDE (blah) my house.  I am hoping, come Spring, I will get back outside and snap out of this depression and be posting some amazing Yoga photos, showing huge improvements.  In the meantime, please enjoy my latest photos, which I will put side by side with my Day One photos to make me feel better!!


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