A Training Moment That Will “Stick”

trail mindThere are several reasons why I enjoy being a fitness instructor/personal trainer.

There are the obvious reasons:

  1. Make my own schedule
  2. Workout for a living
  3. Surrounded by fitness and positive energy

However, there are so many more benefits I find as I pursue this fitness career.  I have been involved with fitness my whole life, and even went on to get my degree in Physical Education and Health.  However, there are some things you will never learn on your own, in the books, or at school.  There are certain lessons you may only learn through others…through experience.

One of those moments occured last weekend.  A moment that I will likely refer back to not only in my clients training sessions, but my own.  What that lesson was: YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK.

This is a phrase I use often, and strongly agree with.  However, sometimes a moment occurs that represents it in such black and white that it just “sticks”.  This weekend I was training a new client and had them hold the plank as long as they could.  I didn’t tell them what their time was, but she held it for 25 seconds.  After a small rest period, I said, “ok, we are going to drop it down to 30 now”  Guess what?  She held it for 30.  Then she held it for 45.

On her own, she felt she was done at 25 seconds.  With the help of a little mind trickery, a little confidence from her trainer and a goal..she held it for almost double.  YOUR MIND WILL ALWAYS GIVE UP BEFORE YOUR BODY DOES!  Next time you want to give up during your workout, remember you can go longer than you think!


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