Can You Teach Passion?

Sometimes I use this blog as a sounding board.  A way to get my thoughts out there…to the universe.  The thoughts may not always make sense–they may be jumbled–they may not provide an answer, but selfishly I am releasing it from my mind for my own benefit. If it benefits someone else, that is the icing on the cake.


The question that’s on my mind today: CAN YOU TEACH PASSION?  Can you help ignite the passion inside someone?  As a fitness instructor I can look around the bootcamp room and see the ones who are “in the zone” and others who are just going through the motions.  I battle with letting that “be” and understanding that everyone is at my class for different reasons.  Some are there to literally just get out of the house…to get away from it all.  Some are there because they need to get their hour gym time in.  THEN, there are the ones who walk through that door and they are there to work AS HARD AS THEY CAN for one hour.  They are focused and determined.  Some to excel at racing, some to lose that last 10 lbs, and some to just walk away knowing they gave everything they had for an hour.

Whatever their reason is, there is a visible difference in the two bootcampers.  As I said, I battle with letting this be.  I understand that some have no desire to be “in the zone” for an hour, and are okay with just being comfortable for an hour.  However, I also know that people are scared to step OUTSIDE OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE, but do not realize that that’s where LIFE BEGINS!  To walk away from a class (or any workout) so shakey you can barely walk and knowing you gave it your EVERYTHING  produces a “high” better than any drug.  You will walk away from that workout and spend the day feeling like a different person.  THIS is why I want everyone to experience this.


So many people have no idea what they are capable of, and when they take that leap outside of their comfort zone they realize there is a whole life out there that they are missing out on.  I look at it as MY job to teach this to people. But, how do you teach passion to someone?  How do you make them understand that a life lived without REAL passion is a life not lived?  Maybe it is not fitness that will spark their passion, but when they are inside the walls of my class, it is my job to see if it is.  Call me biased, but I tend to think that the passion and lessons learned through fitness and competition is the gateway to life in general.  Learn how to push yourself PHYSICALLY past your comfort zone and you will surely do it in every other aspect of life.

This brings me back to my last post “Why Competition Makes Me Cry”.  My wish is that every client of mine that finishes a race has emotions…even if it’s not tears.  That is because they know that HARD WORK means success….whether at the race or in LIFE!

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