Starting at Zero

After taking it easy all winter trying to heal my body with a lot of Yoga and stretching, I am feeling the consequences as I start training for my race April 7th.  Yes, I am WAY behind in my training, but the rough winter with tons of snow being dumped on us presented me with a challenge.  I do not enjoy running on the roads, and add in unsafe conditions….well, here I am.


3 weeks from the race with very little running on under my belt.  While on my run today, I did a lot of thinking.  My first thought was on perspective.  In September, while Marathon training, the 4 mile run I was doing today would have felt like an “off day”.  I would have done it at a 7 min/mile pace no problem.  I remember doing  a 14 mile run towards the end of my Marathon training and thinking it was a “short run”.  How twisted!! 🙂

While suffering through my 4 miles today, I couldn’t help but think that there were probably so many people at my fitness level today, who would have thought my September shoes were impossible to fill.  BUT, I was thinking the same thing today even KNOWING it can be done.  So, don’t sell yourself short.  Even though some things may seem unattainable, we all started from scratch at one point, and that is where I feel I am today.


Second thought:  people always say that things are “easy” for me OR I “like running”.  This makes me upset because it diminishes my hard work and suffering.  The reality is, while I am athletic, nothing comes “easy” for me.  I was always slightly overweight, even while playing ball in college.  I constantly struggle with staying fit, and it is just as hard for me to drag my butt to the gym some days.  The difference, when I am working out I am ALL IN.   Every minute of the workout I am giving it 100%.  I do well in races not always because I am the fastest, but because I am willing to give it EVERYTHING I have.  I finish every race knowing I had nothing left to give.

Today I ran 4 miles and it was uncomfortable.  However, I pushed past uncomfortable & didn’t give in to my urge to walk.  Doing that will make next run a little less uncomfortable.  And I will keep progressing until I am back to running 14 miles in the trails.  It won’t be “easy” but it will be worth it!

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