Workout Challenge #2

imageI constantly have clients telling me they never get the same workout as they do when the are working out at the studio. Whether they are on vacation, at home, at college, etc. their workouts just don’t come near the ones with me. I know a lot of this is being in the presence of  a very energetic class, or having me (your personal trainer) not giving you an option to stop. That being said, no matter what I do I will never be able to replicate the exact energy of the mission FITNESS studio.

However, I will give you some challenges you can do and I recommend you find a friend (or group of friends) to do them with.  This will help you push harder and prevent you from stopping when you get “uncomfortable”.  I also would love for you to leave a comment with your time or questions/comments!

Tuesday Challenge

20 Kettlebell Swings (35lbs)

20 Plyo Jumps (20″ high)

20 Shoe Claps

20 Wall Balls (goal height 9 ft using 14lb dynomax ball)

20 Burpees (chest must hit ground)

REST 1 minute & REPEAT for 5 rounds total. 



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