Intro to Trail Running


This past weekend I lead the first of the 3 Part Series: Intro to Trail Running at a local State Park.  I was a little anxious about it since it was the first time I have done something like this, and had a full field of 16 runners…many of which had never run on the trails before.  While this was the whole idea of program (hence the name “Intro”) I was a little nervous about how smooth the hour would go.  Looking at the list of participants, I saw a large spread of fitness levels.  I wanted every runner to walk away feeling they got a good workout, but did not want anyone to feel it was nowhere near an “Intro” class.

I solved this issue a few ways.  First, to make sure everyone felt safe and stayed together I had a helper bringing up the rear.  In this case it was my wonderful husband…one point for him!!  Next, I would stop every 1/2 mile to make sure we didn’t create too much space between each runner.  During this time I would do some body weight exercises with the front of the pack until everyone reunited.

The trail run was a total of 2 miles, consisting of mostly single track.  They weren’t too technical, but enough to introduce roots, rocks, streams, bridges and the instability of the trails to the runners.  The run finished at a beautiful pond, where each finisher crossed a bridge over a waterfall, looking ahead to see what awaited them….BURPEESIMG_20130410_145948!

Once everyone was done, we took a nice stroll across the beach, allowing the runners to share stories of the trails!  Everyone seemed in good spirits, which made me happy!  We found our way to a set of picnic tables and did a 10 minute bootcamp style workout beforemaking our way to the paved driveway that lead us back to our cars.  The stability and even terrain of the road probably being a welcomed feeling to some.  Before reaching our cars we stopped for a few more exercises at a large field and then called it a day.

gay city

I recieved some great feedback from the group.  One runner came up to me tonight (someone who has never run before) telling me I inspired her and she went running yesterday with her daughter in the trails!  This was my goal: to get people into the trails that would otherwise not do so.  For many reasons, whether no one to go with, not knowing where to go, or being scared to try it, many people do not run in the trails.  However, I am so passionate about it and therefore so happy to have this opportunity to share my passion with my clients!

This Sunday we are sold out again with 20 runners!


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