Life is NOT a Race, Enjoy the Journey

blogI am one of those deep thinkers. One of those people who can take a trail run and turn it in to a metaphor for life. I even wore a shirt when I was young “Basketball is Life, the rest is just details.” I would wear that shirt at the age of 12 & really make comparisons in my head of how basketball relates to “life”. I like to think this is one of the best, yet worst qualities I possess.  While it makes me “interesting” it is also the root of many of my Issues. I think too much. I fall asleep with the TV on because I think too much.  My body hurts from anxiety because I think too much. You get it.

So, after a beautiful trail run with the hubs today, I walked away thinking: that run represents life. We ran the Bimblers Bash Race Course, a race that I did a few weeks ago. However, this time I was doing it at a leisurely pace, taking time to take in the scenery. It felt so different and foreign at times that I had to look at the map to make sure we were still on course. I realized that during the race my mind and focus were on one thing….go hard and catch the person in front of you. I didn’t even take in some of the amazing trails that we were running!


This made me think about life. I am not saying when it comes to doing a race that I should have been sight-seeing. What I am saying is that in life we need to make sure we do not stay in race mode (the rat race) and forget to take a minute to look around us. Too many people have their head down, going as hard as they can to get ahead of the next person. When their day, week, month, year & sometimes life is over they have no idea what beautiful course they have missed. They may even think that the course you are describing to them is not even the same course they were on. This is because they have their blinders on, and they are not taking time to look around and see what is literally staring them in the face. The beauty of life. The blooming flowers jutting up through the rocks. The flowing rivers underneath our path. The beautiful lake vista on top of the mountain. Enjoy the journey and the views along the way.  In life, there is no medal at the end for running the hardest and finishing first.  The real trophy is the journey along the way.

Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we will be able to treat life as art.
Maya Angelou

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