The Power of The Universe

alchemistFor several months now, maybe even over a year, I have been intrigued with Transcendental Meditation.  By no surprise to those who know me, this interest began from my Man…my Buddha, my Leader: Howard Stern (many of you will change your opinion of me based on this knowledge.  Some for the better, others for the worst.  I could write a whole blog on this contraversy, but just know that if you hate him, you probably haven’t spent enough time getting to know him)

Anyway, Howard is one of the biggest promoters of TM, and draws in more people to the process than almost any other.  After several months of researching and talking to other TMers, I decided to finally take the plunge and start my process of learning the technique.  I started last Thursday with an Intro, followed by (what will be) 4 straight days of learning and practice.  I am currently on Day 3.

I will not go into too many details of TM and my experiences, as I am still learning and trying to figure it out myself.  However, I do want to share a story.  I will not relate it to TM, but rather the power of putting your intentions out there and following your heart.  (those who have not read, The Alchemist, I suggest you do!)  The first day I started TM, my instructor heard what I do for a living and my hobbies, and asked if I knew “Sarah”.  Apparently, we had a lot in common (personal trainer, triathlons, racing, yada, yada, yada) and she recently started TM.  I told her I knew “of her” and we were mostly Facebook friends, only bumping into eachother a few times at races.  However, I added that since leaving Facebook, she is one of the people I miss “keeping in touch with” (this reminds me, I need a “Why I left Facebook” blog)  She always posted beautfiul pictures in the woods, followed by great quotes…posts that I would do myself.


Fast Forward to Tuesday, my first learning day of TM.  I drove from TM to my studio thinking, “I need to find someone who knows “Sarah” or will see her (she works at another Gym right down the road) to get my her info.  The fact that she did TM was just confirming to me what I thought several times when seeing her posts on Facebook, “I should get together with this girl for coffee”.  I put it out there…to the Universe: find a way to contact “Sarah”.

The next morning I decided to leave for work early to go for a trail run.  I went to a location that isn’t my first choice, but it is right on the way to work.  Convenience won.  I enjoyed a great run, completely by myself in the woods, as this is not a popular area.  A.) Not too many people know about it B.) It is really just an out and back…not many options C.) It starts at a shooting range, which has been active with military/police my last 2 runs there.  Lots of gun shots.  Not very welcoming.

I did my “out” and made my way “back”.  As I got closer to my car, I see a person with her phone out, looking like she is taking a picture.  As I get closer, I see a very recognizable hair style and right away I knew.  Probably soone than I should have….IT WAS “SARAH”!!!  I was so excited and blown away that I was seeing her that she probably thought/thinks I am a nut bag.  She had no idea of the process that lead me to her, but after telling her she said, “make sure you share this with our teacher.  This is stuff that happened to me when I started TM”

Come to find out, she had not been to those trails since she was 8 years old.  She got lost then, and felt a need to come back and explore.  It was only my 3rd time there.  Again, these are NOT popular trails.  This was the first time I have seen her outside of races.  Come to find out she likes trail running and has the same availibility as me (before 3pm).  We were both looking for running partners, since it isn’t the safest being a female alone in the woods!  I got her digits, and I will text her soon about running together and maybe coffee.

This is the power of intention.  The power of energy.  The power of the Universe.


2 thoughts on “The Power of The Universe

  1. How wonderful when God assists you! Good luck with TM – I use the guided meditations from Dr. Saraswati on Big Shakti ——- after 20 years it finally clicked! Love it – life is good!

  2. Darcy I love this story. If either of us ever doubt the power of TM, this is PROOF that it truly works. I found it ironic today, that we both showed up to TM session wearing black work pants and our hair up in a pony tail- we seem to be living parallel lives! Looking forward to running with you soon. Our paths of crossed several times, but in the middle of the woods- so random! we are meant to be friends, maybe Pro Trail Runners 🙂

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