Rainy Day Workout – 1000 Reps

100 of eavh

Today I had every intention of doing my longest trail run yet.  I was planning to do the Shenipsit Trail from Birch Mountain Road (out and back)…about 12 miles.

However, work called me in, it started to pour, and the temperature dropped to COLD.  The long run will have to wait.

Instead, I decided to do this workout.  Like I have stated in the past, I like to have some sort if challenge when I work out solo.  Otherwise, I get bored way too quick and end up lasting less than 20 minutes.  This is what bootcamping has done to me!

So, I knew if I challenged myself to do a certain amount of each exercise, I wouldn’t stop until I finished.  I was right.  I did all 1000 Reps!

Do the exercises in sets of 10 in any order. You do not have to do only 10 at a time…20, 30, etc is fine.  I used 5 lb dumbbells  (all I had) for curls, overhead press, front/side raise, triceps extensions and 25 lb Kettlebell for the high pulls.


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