Why I’m a Jerk

Jumping+to+conclusions_+tumbs+up_cc8e41_3088805I like to think that I don’t judge people.  As a matter of fact, it is one of the things I have no patience for.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been working at the Country Club and people say, “smile, it can’t be that bad.”  My coworkers and I say, “how do they know?  They have no idea what we could be going through.”

I hate when people jump to conclusions…..sorry, but that’s not okay.  That’s not how I roll….or is it?

Well, these last couple of weeks a few things happened that made me question that.  Specific situations that made me stop and say, “you idiot.  How dare you jump to conclusions.”

Situation 1:  I’m in a meeting listening to the presenter talk about important information we all need to hear.  As I am listening intently, I see the person next to me texting.  Right out in the open.  Every 30 seconds. Not trying to hide it.  Just blatant disrespect.  How dare he.  What a jerk.

Why I’m the Jerk:  He wasn’t texting.  He was taking notes on his phone.  Apparently this is what the next generation does.  All paperless.  Fail #1

Situation 2:  Last weekend I had to run 16 miles.  I did 6 miles on the airline trail, and the last 3 on there seemed to take forever.  With about a mile to go, I look up to see a man coming right at me.  I was on the right side of the trail (the correct side) and he was running right at me.  I thought, “screw that, I’m not gonna move.  He can move.”  So I held my ground.  It was like a game of chicken.  As he got closer I realized he wasn’t going to move.  At the last second I swerved to the left, allowing him to charge past me.  What a jerk.

Why I’m the Jerk:  He was blind.  Or semi-blind.  As he ran past me he said, “sorry, I can’t see.”  Fail #2

Turns out I am no better than others.  I judge just like everyone else.  This was the reminder I needed.  Time to stop and think about things before I jump to conclusions.


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