Assignment #1

I need to start posting on this blog more consistently.  The main reason why I don’t is this: I am addicted to my iPad.  I never use my laptop, and for a good reason…it nearly sets the house on fire every time I do.   It heats up to the point of giving me 2nd degree burns on my lap.

That being said, I plan on using my office/yoga/meditation room  at least once a week to put “homework”/challenges up for my clients.  Some I am working with currently, others who have gone off to college and “need my killer workouts”

Feel free to partake in the challenges and please comment with your times or send them to me.  My clients love a goal time!



I have had so many clients come to me saying that they do not recover fast enough when running.  They can’t breath, and their breath becomes shallow and rapid.  I tell these clients that they have to train their lungs the same way they train any muscle.  I also encourage these runners to work on their BELLY BREATHING as opposed to chest breathing.  Yoga or Pilates can help with this.  Or just focus on it while you are at work or at home.  I also suggest the book: Chi Running.


Head to your local track and perform 1/4 mile repeats.  This means one time around the track (400m)


Goal: Sub 30 min 5K

Warm up by jogging around the track 2 times (1/2 mile).  Do 3-5 repeats aiming for 210-220 minutes.


Goal: Sub 25 min 5K

Warm up with 4 laps (1 mile). Do 4-6 repeats aiming for 145-2 minutes.


Goal: Sub 22 min 5K

Warm up with 8 laps (2 miles).  Do 6-8 repeats aiming for 130-145 minutes.

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