SPIN: my new love!

ImageMy best friend and I recently had a conversation about the power of energy. Whether it is positive or negative, the energy of an event, person, or situation is damn near palpable. We have all witnessed it, and it really is a phenomenon.  I see it (and feel it) every time a teach a bootcamp class. When there is a large class, I always say, “the energy of the class runs itself”. It’s true. 20 people working hard, the endorphins dancing, high-fives, partners cheering each other on…it’s incredible. On the flip side, I have taught a class in the past that has been very small, with a Negative Nelly in the crowd. I felt the energy getting sucked out of me. I had to fight to teach harder than I ever have, and after an hour I felt like I had just ran a marathon.

Back to our conversation. We discussed how anyone that question that energy can be physically felt, has probably never attended a concert, a marathon, or an IRONMAN. Events like these always move me to the point of being emotionally affected. I think I cry at every large race, and come close at every concert and basketball game I attend.  The energy just moves me. 

This brings me to my spinning experience. From the outside looking in, I liked the concept of spin. Lights low, door shut, music blasted and choreographed to the pace of the class. It sounded like my kind of thing. And, with the winter upon us, I needed something to get me through this cold weather. A perfect time to take up spin. 

I’ll admit, the first class I took I fought to make it through the hour.  It was tough!!  I was not in THAT kind of shape, and I was trying to keep up with the ones around me who seemed to be professional spinners. However, after a couple of classes, I found my own rhythm and I was able to get through class with much more ease. 

Just last week, I took my third class and it was one that stole my heart. One that prompted a phone call to my best friend with another prime example of the power of ENERGY. Anyone who has attended a spin class has probably experienced this at least once, if not EVERY class!  

Here’s my experience:

First, I love the idea of exercising in the dark. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I’m used to all eyes being on me when I take a class. It was nice to be in my own zone. Doing my own thing. All while being surrounded by others who are on the same “ride” as me. The energy of this camaraderie filled the room.

Second, I love the LOUD music. Music has always been my thing. It takes me to another place in just one beat, one lyric.  Combine a good song with a good workout…it’s makes me happy even on a cold winter day, when NOTHING makes me happy. During this class it was “Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink that did it for me.

Another thing I love about class is not only when the instructor sings along, but when multiple people in the class sing along. Not the whole song, but those lines that just cant be kept in.  It’s like the combination of the amazing energy you get from a concert, a race, and a good workout combined into one.

So, last Tuesday around 1015am, SPIN and PINK stole my heart. I was 45 minutes into an intense workout, dripping in sweat, endorphins and emotions high, “I’M NOT BROKEN JUST BENT” playing SO LOUD, the beat bouncing off the four walls, so my horrible voice wasn’t even a whisper as I belted out the lyrics.  Being in THAT moment. In MY zone. On MY bike. In MY class. This is what positive energy feels like. This is how it can rock you physically and emotionally. This is SPIN!



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