What Is Your Why?

I haven’t written a blog in awhile. One with thoughts. Deep thoughts. Probably for many reasons….

*It has been an uneventful winter. No races. Lots of snow.

*I get depressed in the winter. Like, very depressed. I love the outdoor, but loathe the cold. Not a good combo for a New England winter. No one wants to read about how depressed I am.

*I only write when I have clear thoughts. Those “ah-hah” moments. My thoughts have been all over the place lately. Lots of soul searching. I guess that’s what hours on the bike trainer and treadmill will do.

But, here I am. I’m ready. I may still be depressed, but I am starting to have some clear thoughts, thanks to the motivational videos I have been listening to.  They have gotten me through some tough workouts and I’ve played a few clips at bootcamps, and have gotten some great feedback from clients. I truly believe that if you have any desire to be better at ANYTHING, just listening to 6 minutes of these videos a day would make you better.

The one question that has stood out for me:


This question can be asked to anyone.

Why do you want to be successful in business?

Why do you want to lose weight?

And for me: Why do I run these “crazy” races?

Why do I work so hard to try to be a top finisher?

Here is my why: It hit me when reading another Ultra Runners blog. They continuously referred to themselves as a “middle-of-the-packer”. What’s synonymous to that?  Average. Not only were they settling for average, but they were labeling themselves as average. I have never been average when it comes to athletics. Not because I was born with talent, it’s because I worked hard at it. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. Growing up I couldn’t stand the thought of someone out there working harder than me. So I shot those extra foul shots. I shoveled the snow and worked on my game while others partied and it payed off. I excelled in every sport I played and it wasn’t by accident.

Why would that change? Why would I all of a sudden become someone who is ok with average?  How can I let someone else work harder than me?  Why not me?  Why can’t I win that race, run that insane amount of mileage?  Why do I train the way I do and run these races?  Because I may have retired my basketball shoes, my softball glove and my soccer cleats, but I do not plan on ever retiring my heart, my work ethic, my competitiveness and my passion to make myself better every day. These attributes have been instilled in me for 30 years from my parents, brother, coaches and teammates and they have made me a better person. And for that, I continue to train hard a strive for excellence. This is my why. What is your why?


2 thoughts on “What Is Your Why?

  1. Found your blog through msfitrunner, and I’m glad I did. I struggle with the “winter blues” (understatement) as well and I cannot WAIT until the temps go up. You’re an inspiration by the way. I was looking at your workout on your last post and was like, hey, decent work out. Then my eye sidled to the right and I saw “x10.” Ha. Okay NOW I get it. Someday I hope to be at that level as well…. I may try that workout but tone it down to x3 or 4 and see how I do 🙂

    • Hi Alli! Thank you for your kind words. This winter has been a tough one for all of us. Urgh. Yes, definitely modify any of the workouts. Either take away reps or rounds. It amazes me how a good workout will change my mood…take away those “winter blues” for even an hour. Let me know how it goes!!

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