Cayuga 50 Training


Cayuga 50 Course

I’m not even sure if I have even announced my big decision: I signed up for my NEXT LEVEL race: The Cayuga 50 Mile Trail Race. 10,000 ft elevation. Some of the top trail runners in the country.  Oh My. I knew it was the next step in my process, but what I didn’t expect was for it to be so soon. June 1st. Yikes.

It happened in a moment of weakness. A moment of frustration. Depression.  A moment of WINTER!  After MANY consecutive days of sub zero temps I needed something to uplift me.  Literally. Uplift my ass from the couch. So, after Eric Thomas gave me his daily motivation, I did it.  I’m not going to lie, that “submit” page stayed open on the browser a good 15 minutes before I pressed it with a shaking finger. Then I cried. I’m not playing…I cried.

So, I’ve been in training mode the last 4 weeks. Jumped in to a 16 week plan, welcomed by Week ONE with a 3 hour run.  Well, “hello ultra training”.   My mileage wasn’t very high going into this plan, so I have been trying to be smart, while still upping my mileage. So far so good…except the plan is based on trail running, which is really not an option right now because of this damn weather. So, instead of doing what is asked (4hrs or 20-22 miles) I do the “or” which is 20 miles, but HARDLY 4 hours. Oh well, at least my legs are getting the mileage, and let’s hope the trails will open up soon!

So, that’s that. Wish me luck as I continue to battle the cold, wind, ice and ROADS.  Stay tuned for some ‘deep thought’ blogs!



One thought on “Cayuga 50 Training

  1. I love your honesty here! I just found myself getting a bit weepy while looking through some race photos (but I would deny it). Winter is a great time to get inspired to do something crazy. Enjoy your training time. Time spent on You is always worthwhile.

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