The “No Equipment” Equipment Workout

I just for back from my Aunt and Uncles Beach Cottage in York, Maine and I thought I’d post the workout I did yesterday. I had just gotten back from a 6 mile and saw my husband had not yet returned from the store.  Extra time meant I could get in some strength work. I only had about 20 minutes, so this was a quick workout. I had no weights, and used only the “equipment” right in front of me.  Many people use the excuse that they are traveling or have no workout equipment so they can’t exercise. Get creative people!!  Get outdoors. Use the elements around you. Here are some ideas.

First Exercise:

Stair Push Ups

6 push ups from Bottom Step**8 Push Ups from 2nd Step**6 Push Ups from 3rd Step

I also did some tricep dips on the bottom step

Then I had to get really creative. I saw the stone wall right next to me. Most people see this as a decoration.  I see it as a world of exercise possibilities. I took different sized rocks of various weights and did several exercises including:

bicep curls

front/lateral raises

overhead press.

Below are a few shots of these exercises. imageNO EXCUSES!!!!!

when on the road, the world is my gym. make it yours too!



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