Making Up For Lost Time Challenge

Equipment Needed:

set of dumbbells (I used 12.5lb)

25 lb Kettlebell

This last month I have not been working out like I would like. I have been battling an injury, which has kept me off the trails. Very little running and not a lot of jumping. My workouts have been consistent, but nothing too crazy. Lots of biking. Mt Biking and Road Riding.

Well, Saturday night I was ready for an ass kicking. I needed a good workout. So, I wrote down this workout:


I had no idea what I was in for until I finished Round 4. (I did 20 rounds of 10 Reps).  4 Rounds took me 20 minutes. And it was TOUGH!  I wanted to give up. But, I had already sent the workout to my fellow trainer. I told her I was doing it. That meant there was no other option. 2 hours and 15 minutes later I completed this workout.

I would suggest you choose the amount of rounds you do based on how much time you have. 30 minutes? Do 5 rounds. Hour? Do 10 rounds. Etc.



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