Athlete Specific Park Workout

What an amazing day I had on Sunday. Started off teaching a bootcamp. 21 people strong. Such great energy.Then I did the Vision Board class with Kindred Spirits at mission FITNESS. This deserves it’s own post and it will get it.

 Ah-mazing. image

Later on that day I met one of my clients at my favorite trail running location: Hurd State Park. She is a college basketball player who is home for fall break. She went a trail run with me this past summer and also did a trail race. She knew what she was getting into. This girl is bad ass. The harder the workout, the better. I’m blessed to have several young athletes with this attitude.

So, we did my favorite 5 mile loop. One that offers flat, fast trails with better scenery with each season. Some hills that make you question if you’re having a heart attack or just pushing past uncomfortable. But each with an amazing view to reward your hard work.


The other great thing about this loop is there are a bunch of areas with picnic tables where you can do some strength work. With this girl I also added some plyometric work.


Burpees, Plyo Jumps, Push Ups, Tricep Dips, overhang Taps and much more using just the park elements!


Another beautiful day using the world as my gym. 80+ degrees and nearly October. I’ll take it.

get outside. get fit.


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