The Power of Visioning

I have always been someone that needs to put things on paper. I have a journal I’ve been writing in for over 12 years and when you skim through the pages you will consistently see sketches, pictures, charts etc.  How I want my life to be in the future and what is important to me in the present. There have been times where I have taken this to construction paper and magazine clippings and created vision boards. When looking at the vision board I created over five years ago it amazes me how much has already fallen into place. The power of our visions is a hidden “secret” that many have not discovered. This is a shame because it is life changing.


A vision board I created many years ago

That is why when I heard that Katie from Kindred Spirits was going to be coming to mission FITNESS to do a vision board class, I jumped at the opportunity.  I also invited my close friends and clients hoping for them to see how life changing this can be. This class was above and beyond what most “vision board classes” are. Katie spoke to us from such a deep, passionate place in her heart, and lead us through a guided meditation where we were able to connect with our souls and get out of our own heads. Katie continued to speak to us about the way society has transformed us into a community of people who not only get lost in the rat race of bigger, better, more, BUT people who try to compete over who is busiest. Like it is a badge of honor we wear. “You think you’re busy? Yesterday I picked Jack up from school, went to Jane’s soccer practice, etc etc”. A society of people trying to one up each other with their busy schedules. Yuck!


When Katie spoke about this I felt a tear run down my face. It felt so good to hear someone voice my exact feelings and frustrations. Sometimes I think I am alone in this world and if I voice what I want in life I will be viewed as “lazy”. Katie got it and I cannot tell you what it did for me. I told her to read the “Story That Changed My Life” on my blog. Of course, she loved it 🙂

Anyway, here is a story that justifies how putting your vision out there into the universe WORKS!!  One thing I put on my board was a book title. I’m not really sure why I chose it, but per Katie’s directions I didn’t overthink it and just cut it out.

Can you see the title: "the untethered soul"

Can you see the title: “the untethered soul”

The next day I went to the Norwich Spa with my girlfriend. (Urgh, my life is so busy. Lol) Anyway, I saw a woman in her robe, walking as she hugged 3 books to her chest. The only one I could see was Echkart Tole “The Power of Now”. A great book. So, I had to ask her what else she was reading. Guess which book was next? “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer. In the moment I freaked a little, thinking about how CRAZY it was. However, looking back, it wasn’t crazy at all. That’s how this stuff works. That’s why I always make a clear vision of what I want in life. Because, looking back at my journal entries, my sketches, my vision boards….it’s always been my guide.



2 thoughts on “The Power of Visioning

  1. Great writing! Darcy, the blog is wonderful – inspirational! I shared the link to it on my business facebook page. More people should meet you and the crew @ Mission Fitness!! I’m glad that you are in a good space and I hope to see you soon 🙂

    Have a fabulous day!


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