The World is Calling and I Must Go

After 10+ years of visualizing, saving, dreaming and working hard to get to this point, the time has come. My husband and I are leaving the land of “normal” and stepping into the land of unknown. The land of uncomfortable. The land of freedom. The world of wanderlust. The life that I know I was always meant to live.

On Monday we will pack up our “stuff” and head to the mountains of North Carolina to pick up our “home” for the winter. A 2011 Fun Finder Travel Trailer, where we will explore the Southeast section of the U.S.

If you have read “The Story That Changed My Life” you know how this dream cultivated back in 2003. After reading this I started to question everything. It all started to make so little sense to me. Why would we work so hard to be able to buy things that we don’t need?  Why not just do something you love that will make you enough to survive and then spend the rest of your time enjoying life?

This thought lingered with me as I went through the next decade. In that time I started a fitness business with my brother in 2008, which expanded beyond our dreams in a few short years. This business was, and will continue to be, one of the best things I have ever done. Although I sold my ownership to him a couple years ago, I continued to work there as a trainer and instructor and I can say with confidence it is one of the best fitness facilities in Connecticut. Anyone who is reading this from Mission Fitness knows what I mean. It is more than a place with top notch fitness classes and trainers. It is a community. A family. It is one of the biggest reasons why embarking on this journey is bitter sweet. I love my clients and bootcampers more than anything and I really do think that this job along with my job (as a beverage cart girl at a golf course) are the best jobs.  I TRULY love my jobs.


But, it just wasn’t enough. I knew there was a fire that burned inside of me that yearned to see new places and travel this world. The way some woman have a clock that ticks in them to have children, mine was replaced with a clock ticking to travel. And then through the beauty of the Internet I came across a blog So Many Places and it ROCKED ME. I read every post including ones like this and cried like a baby. This was the life I wanted. The life I NEEDED. Through her blog I found others. Who knew so many people were living this life? It isn’t just a fantasy, it is REAL!!  I would contact these full-time travelers and they would get back to me with the most amazing emails. Not only were these people real, but they were amazing!! So willing to help. So IN LOVE WITH THEIR LIVES.


Then, I would step back into the reality of my current life and meet so many people that seemed to “have it all”, yet seemed so unhappy.  Spending so many hours slaving at jobs they hated, but would almost brag about how busy they are. How many hours they work, how they run around all day and night, like it was a badge of honor. Stuck in a rat race they don’t even know they are trapped in. Then I would get that email: “So Many Places posted a new blog”. I would savor it. I would wait until I was comfy and alone and read her words as she walked the Carmino de Santiago. Ahhhh. This makes more sense.

So, I would share these stories, these emails, these dreams with my husband and he was all in. He got it. He agreed. How amazing that I have a husband and teammate for life that wanted what I wanted.  So, we started to take small steps. Small steps that eventually lead to one big leap. A 5 month adventure where we will explore this beautiful land and spend time with nature. With the simple things. Living in 20 feet of space, owning only what we NEED!  Living free…no reservations, no solid plans, just chasing the beauty of the South.


We don’t know where this journey will take us. We only know that it is what we need to do to fulfill that fire that is buried inside of us. No matter what happens, at least we can move forward knowing that we chased our dreams. I have a feeling that this world of travel is going to feel like home.

6 thoughts on “The World is Calling and I Must Go

  1. WOW, it’s here!!!! I am beyond excited for you!!! Please remember that it will not all be easy but it will definitely be worth it, even the hard parts as you leave and adjust to your new life. And know that I am here to talk to as you make your transition. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!

  2. Amazing!!! Congratulations, how exciting. I can’t to be able to read more as your adventure unfolds. Being able to be totally free to wander, explore, and LIVE is truly a dream 🙂

  3. Hi Darcy! So sad your leaving MF. Your cousin Kim told me the news today! I’m so happy for you though. I’m so envious that you are following your heart with what is going to make you happy and travel around the country. That’s sounds like a dream come true. I wish you and your husband the best of luck. Keep us posted with your new adventures! You’ll be missed!

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