The Adventure Begins

We are beginning our 5th day of our adventure and it has been more than we could have ever dreamed of. We have had just about everything thrown at us and we have done a good job at rolling with it. We arrived in Asheville, NC on Tuesday to be greeted by record lows. The 15 degree weather ousted the previous low record by 10+ degrees. So, instead of the hikes we envisioned, we bundled up and checked out Downtown Asheville, strolling through the quirky, artsy shops. Asheville, you are beautiful but the weather Gods are demanding we come back again to check out your real beauty.


Wednesday was the big day!  Heading to Brevard, NC to pick up the camper!  We woke up early and took the scenic route down the Blue Ridge Parkway. The views were unreal, the woods surrounding the car made it hard to keep our eyes on the road. We stopped several times to take pictures, giddy like kids in excitement. Our journey was stopped short 15 miles in by a road closed sign. Oh well, turn around and see those beautiful views from another angle. Rolling with it 🙂


Picking up the camper from Jim and Shirley was seamless. They were the sweetest retired couple, with a property we dream of owning some day. As Erik got instructions from Jim, Shirley and I chatted it up. After a stop at the DMV to exchange title, we were ready to go. Erik was a little nervous about towing the camper, his first time towing anything. But, we figured an easy 40 minute drive to the campground would be a good way to warm up. Ha!  We literally took a road that winded down and around the mountain….a road that would feel sketchy even in a car!  Erik handled it like a champ and we now know what this Pathfinder/Fun Finder combo is capable of.



But wait, the worst was yet to come. We found the campground, turned into then entrance, only to find a sign saying “Campers must use West Gate Entrance, road too windy”. At this point we had no experience turning or backing a camper and performing a “K” turn that was asked of us was impossible.  We had 2 options: continue on the road we were warned to not take, hoping no turns could be worse than the road we took down the mountain. Or, try to back the camper into the busy road we turned from. We decided to go forward, which quickly brought us to turns so sharp and steep that I thought we would lose the camper. Luckily, we made it and found a parking area to turn into, while we contemplated what to do. Keep charging ahead, or attempt a K turn.  Just then a fisherman pulled up and we asked him to help. He owns a 32 ft trailer and within a few minutes had us on the road, heading back to the main road. We used the West Entrance, found our spot and luckily we could mostly pull the camper through. We hooked everything up,and began to unpack.


We are obsessed with the camper and we are settling in very nice. Table Rock State Park is so peaceful and beautiful it feels like a dream. Another post will get into my thoughts about camping, etc but here are some pics for now. We do not have Internet or Cell Phone reception at our campsite, so blogging/texting is very tough.  I do INSTAGRAM as often as possible, so follow me there at “theworldismygym”  Click on the pics below for slideshow



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