Heading to Warmer Weather


the beauty that surrounds our “home”, the Blue Ridge Mountains

People keep texting me and asking, “where are you now?” so why don’t I address that question first. We are still in Pickens, SC at Table Rock State Park. We needed to settle down in one location while we waited for our camper license plate to be sent. Long story short, we picked up the camper in Brevard, NC, received a 10 day temporary registration/plate then had to send all the sale paperwork to CT DMV who would in turn send us back our permanent registration/plate. While this turned out to be quite a complicated process, we have finally received the plate (thanks in large to my amazing father who went out of his way for us) which allows us to now hit the road!


420 ft waterfall seen from Raven Cliff Falls Trail at Ceasers Head State Park

So, we will be heading out this week to Florida, to spend the holidays with Erik’s parents in Venice. While I am loving our stay here, I am also ready to move on for a few reasons.

1) I don’t want to get in the habit of staying in one spot for too long and getting too comfortable. While we had no other choice but to stay here this long, I do feel like I am getting stuck in a routine here a little. Not much, but, a little. The routine is amazing though.

2) Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and if I didn’t look at the calendar I would have no idea. We are not leaving the State Park often, so we haven’t seen any decorations, no Santa, no Christmas Trees, etc. I’m ready for some holiday cheer!

3) While the weather has been good, we are still needing to use a heater at night. This week it will be in the 30’s at night and 50’s during the day. I KNOW that this is way better than CT, but I also know in Florida I will be sitting by the pool daily and running in 80 degree weather. Those who know me, know I love the heat!!!!

4) We really are secluded here. They have blocked off our section, so even the handful of weekend campers we may get cannot even drive up to our section. Erik calls it our “private drive”. This has made for amazing privacy. A much needed change for us condo-living-folk. Exactly what we wanted. However, I am also a people person, and I cannot wait for daily conversations with our fellow snowbirds by the pool 🙂

5) Convenience. We are in a small town with the closest grocery store 16 minutes away and a Walmart 20 minutes away. There are no restaurants I would go to (which is fine because I really don’t like going out to eat) and I literally bought a hooded sweatshirt at Walmart because that was my only option. Ha! (I actually really like it) This doesn’t seem like much as I write it, but I am craving the Thai restaurant in Florida and a trip to ULTA and TJ Maxx to stock up on some things I’m running out of.


All that being said, you would think I may be sick of this place. That is so far from the truth. The truth is:

1) the fact that we feel so comfortable here says a lot. It is our first time ever staying in a camper. We just left family and friends for the first time, and during the holiday season. We have met most the employees here and when I go on my daily runs a wave and a smile as each one drives by feels like “home”. My “routine” consists of morning coffee that I savor, running daily through lush woods that makes me feel like I’m in Costa Rica, physical labor I wished for for so long, and nightly campfires as we cook dinner over the flames. Mix in day trips to State Parks in the #1 region for outdoorsy people…not so bad of a routine!


2) We were invited to the staff Christmas Party here at the State Park last night. Who would have guessed we’d jump right in to this lifestyle so easily?!?!

3) I ran to the top of Table Rock Mountain Sunday in shorts and a t-shirt. I can’t complain about the weather.

4) The first 3 weeks of our trip in total seclusion and no internet or cell phone reception was probably the best thing for me. It made me disconnect and really dig deep into myself. Those are revelations that are shared only with my personal journal, but a lesson and phase I needed to start this journey.


5) Not being able to run to the store, order food, buy clothes, etc easily has made us realize how little we actually NEED. We went on this trip to get away from “stuff” and being so far away from anything has made us create lists of what we NEED and once a week we head into town to shop. The way we should shop.


Every part of this trip will present us with a lesson to learn. These first 3 weeks have been nothing short of revolutionary for me!


2 thoughts on “Heading to Warmer Weather

    • MED, thank you so much for those wise words. You have always been there to support me in every season since I’ve known you. I cant thank you enough for that. It is people like you that have enabled me to have these big dreams & to actually take the leap to pursue them. Means a lot that you are following along on my journey.

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