Our Home Away From Home

Last Friday morning we packed up our “home” and headed South towards warmer weather. Our time at Table Rock had drew to an end, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience. When I dropped the keys, walkie talkie, etc off Friday morning to our maintenance friends they pleaded, “can’t you stay?” They told us we are welcomed back anytime and the park won’t be the same without us. This meant a lot coming from seasoned employees that we only had the pleasure of working with for 3 short weeks. I quickly realized that “home” can easily be transported with a cozy 20 ft camper and welcoming neighbors.

But, as we broke the camper down on a bone chilling 23 degree dark morning, we knew that Venice, Fl was the logical next stop for us. You see, Venice has been a place we have been coming to for over 8 years, and a place Erik has been coming to since his parents bought their condo in 1989. Every year we come we find new beaches, new biking paths, new restaurants, and more reasons to fall in love. The weather never disappoints, staying in a consistent range of 6580 degrees and sunny during the day. We arrive in Venice every year with a big exhale and a smile on our faces. We look at each other and think or say, “home”.


Our first week here has been so pleasant. I think we have seen 5 clouds since we have arrived. Lol. The blue skies, turquoise waters, and pink sunsets have mixed well with the Christmas Lights, Snowmen, and Santa Hats lining the streets. It looks unnaturally natural!


So, here we are in the sunshine state. Walking an average of 5 miles a day with Gunner, in a much different landscape than last location. Flat roads as opposed to rugged mountains. Flip Flops have replaced our hiking boots. Bike rides daily with Gunner in his basket, stealing hearts as we ride by.  Coffee and croissants at our local favorites. Creamsicle ice cream cones at the famous Nokomis Grove.  Living it up with the other snowbirds. Happy as hell and loving life!


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