Fitness Trail Workout

Here in Venice, Fl there are not many woods, and very little trails that look anything like the ones back home. However, right near where I am staying, there is a HUGE park with tons of Soccer and Baseball Fields, Tennis Courts, Football Stadium, a Basketball Court and a Fitness Trail.  Of course, I have been having a field day with this area for my workouts!

The entrance to this Fitness Trail is conveniently located at about the half way point of the 4 mile loop I run.  So, I dump into the “woods” and do a different circuit every time.  Sometimes I use the “equipment” for its intended purpose, and sometimes (most the time) I do my own thing.

Here is one of my workouts.

Come along with me……

Run about 2.2 miles to the entrance of the fitness trail.


2 sets of 10 (assisted) Pull Ups

SAM_2470 SAM_2471

Sprint about .2 miles to the next exercise


20 Elevated Push Ups

10 Semi-Elevated Push Ups

SAM_2486 SAM_2487

Burpee –>Jump on Bench–>Burpee

(20 Jumps on Bench Total)

Sprint about .2 miles to Next Exercise


50 High Knees on the Bench

SAM_2492 SAM_2493

Sprint to next Exercise


25 Plyo Jumps on Bench


High Knees

(back and forth 10 times)



20 Reverse Push Ups


Run 2 miles back home!

capri west


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