Change Your Life: Steps 3 and 4

Steps 3 and 4 are going to be practical steps.

Homework Steps. Choose a 24 hour period to try each of these.


STEP THREE: Look Up, Make Eye Contact and Say “HELLO”

This is something that seems so simple, but is not done often enough. Being from the Northeast I can say it is definitely something that needs to be done more up there. I can’t tell you how many times I have been on a run, seen a runner approaching, look at them with a smile about to say, “hey there” only to be greeted by the top of their head as they wiz by, head to the ground. After this happens enough times, you stop trying.

Well, being in Venice, Fl (home to many HAPPY retirees) it awakened the “hey there” that had been lost inside me so many runs ago. Walking through downtown being greeted by so many lovely, smiling faces and it made me realize I need to get my swagger back.

So, on my runs I would set out with the intention to look at EVERY person and, whether they look back at me or not say, “good morning” …”hello” …etc. What happened in this process was amazing. People who came towards me with their head down would hear my “good morning” and their heads would shoot up with a smile and cheerful return greeting. Could it be that these people were once the greeters who after many neglected “hellos” stopped trying? Could it be that maybe just one person in my experiment spent the next mile of their walk saying “hello” to all others that passed? What I know is that by saying hello and smiling at each person I gained so much. I would return from my runs with so much energy and so much joy. My runs became a lot more than physically enriching but mentally and spiritually also.

There was one instance that really stood out to me. As I was running I saw a gothic, edgy young teenager walking toward me. She had her head down, a pout on her face like she hated the world. As I approached a had a mental battle….should I say hello to her? I decided, why not? I gave her the cheeriest hello I could muster up. The look and smile she gave me was priceless. Like she couldn’t believe ANYONE would say “hi” to her.

Try it out. I guarantee you will have an instance like this that will impact you like you wouldn’t believe.



If you are like me you will read this one and say, “oh boy, that’s going to be tough”. However, I think many people may read this one and say, “I don’t complain much”. And most likely those people have no idea how much they really do complain. Which is why this one is such a great exercise. I think so many people are so disconnected with their true being that they don’t even realize HOW MUCH THEY COMPLAIN!!! I would suggest you have a loved one who is with you often to help you out. As hard as it may be on your ego, you may need someone to point out your “complaining” since you may not think of it as that (I am including negative comments in complaining) Like, “I can’t believe she’s wearing that. She looks so awful.” Negative. Not needed. Bad energy.

So try it. Break it up into 2 different days. See how these small steps can change your life…..or at least that 24 hours!!!



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