Sweet Savannah

Savannah, Georgia was good to us in many ways. First, it gave us the best weather since we have left Venice, Fl. It was 65 one day and close to 75 the other. This made us hyper aware of the fact that WEATHER IS EVERYTHING FOR US!! It is truly my everything.


It fuels the fire inside me. Cold weather dulls it. Clear and simple.

I had an extra pep in my step as I ran through and explored the beautiful trails that bordered our campground at Skidaway State Park.


I watched the sun shine it’s light over the marsh as it rose on an early morning run and felt like every small worry I have is nothing in comparison to the vastness of this overwhelmingly beautiful world.


We explored the Historic District of Downtown Savannah with such excitement.


The first day we had the map handy, making sure we saw all of the landmarks.


The second day we left the map in the car and walked towards whatever caught our eye. The quote, “oh darling, let’s put the map down and get wonderfully lost” was all I could think of as we snaked our way through tucked away parks, tree lined streets, quirky homes etc.


We were finally able to light a fire, which we enjoyed as we drank the local Sweet Water Brewing Company beer. Letting the sweet buzz take over as we watched the sun set …..and with a pink sky as a backdrop we asked ourselves, “is this for real?” We are living our dream and it is the best feeling in the world.


We took a bike ride around the Isle of Hope neighborhood and it almost brought me to tears. This is where the movie Glory was filmed and I don’t think there was a better way for us to experience the sweet southern charm of Savannah.


As we rode our bikes through the waterfront communityI would stop every 50 ft to take a picture and soak it all in.


It felt like what life was like back when we were young. Kids were out playing. Neighbors we out talking to one another. The ice cream truck was literally driving around playing, “It’s a Small World”, while bubbles flew out the back end. Kids ran out of houses with dollars in their hand, as the parents stood on the front porch and waved and yelled hello to the other neighborhood kids. I am not making this up.


I felt like I had to look around to see if there was video cameras shooting Forest Gump II…which, by the way we also saw where that was filmed. Right down the road at the Wormsloe Plantation.


So, the charm of Savannah won us over, but it was the weather that stole the show. Sunshine and warmth is what warms our soul. The scenery along the way just adds to the fire!


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