Final Stop: Sycamore Lodge: Jackson Springs, NC

Our final stop was ironically the first stop I planned when we started putting our dream into action. I had emailed this resort back in August, inquiring about Workamping opportunities. The campground Manager called me and said she would love help, so we decided on March 2-23rd. Our first campsite was booked!

Fast forward almost 6 months….We left Charleston and drove 3.5 hrs Northwest to Jackson Springs, NC. As we made our way into North Carolina, the landscape began to remind us of the land back home. With this came a pleasant feeling….a sure sign that we were missing home.  We were very surprised to see that our campground was surrounded by tons and tons of farmland. imageAs soon as we made our way down Sycamore Rd and into the Campground we knew that this wasn’t going to be your typical campground. This was a resort….a 5 star resort!! A meticulously landscaped entrance. A beautiful lodge that made you feel as though you had access to a five star bed and breakfast. Miniature Golf. Horseshoes. Shuffleboard. A beautiful lake. Amazing cabins. A game room with pool tables, flat screen tv, foosball, etc. A dog run.

Here a bunch of pics so you can “get the picture”.

Our dream of having a tiny home with only pine needles as our lawn had come true. We were camping amongst the pines!!  Our job was to pick up the pines cones and sticks around the campground, a task that overwhelmed us from the start. Not that it was hard work…it was actually pretty meditative and nice. The issue is they had just cut down over 150 trees, which in return had left behind a large amount of debri.


Each day we would give ourselves a goal: “let’s do these 4 campsites” and before we knew it, we had cleared the largest section of the campground (2 weeks later!) and it was so rewarding to see the areas we had completed and how great it looked. Not to mention several of the workers and members of the campground would tell us each day how they appreciated us and how good the campground was looking. Amazing what the word “appreciate” does.

imageThis was a great way to end our adventure. We were able to work and relax. Enjoy the essence of camping, instead of running around like maniacs sight seeing and moving non stop.  We were able to unwind, reflect, workout, talk, campfires nightly, try new recipes, clean and just LIVE.  Stay tuned for reflections of this 5 month adventure…I am still trying to sort it all out myself.  In the meantime I a excited to be back home, catching up with friends, working at the fitness studio and cooking in a full size kitchen.


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