One Step Away From Becoming A Recluse


This past Friday I made my quarterly trip to the Norwich Spa. I try to go here every few months when my mind feels a little jumbled, and use it as a day to recharge and reenergize. I usually start the day with the meditation class,  then a Yoga class and use the remainder of the day enjoying the facilities. The Hot Tub, Sauna, Steam Room, Pool, Meditation Room, etc. I have had some of my most productive days at this place.

Unfortunately, (maybe because it was a Friday and not my usual Monday visit) this past visit was all but relaxing. There must have been a wedding party here this day, as there was a group of about 15 that seemed to take over the Spa. The areas where I used to find tranquility and peace, were replaced with noise, laughter, loud conversation, and an overall un-spa-like environment. As the day continued, I got more irritated, unable to escape the noise.

I battled with saying something, but to be honest I just felt like it was useless.  The fact that several staff members walked around hearing this noise and did not say anything made me realize it is a lost cause.  On top of that, the staff in the gift shop, pool area, etc also spoke in a loud voice.  I will say that the staff was extremely friendly, but it was easy to see that the “spa like environment” was a thing of the past.  If the staff was speaking in such a loud voice, how could they tell the guests to keep it down.

So, feeling more stressed then when I came, I left very disappointed.  As I made my way home, I decided to stop at the library to see if they had the movie, “Wild” in yet.  I needed to watch something that took me away, deep into the woods, lost in nature, away from people and noise.  I walk in to the library, a place that as a child I was scared to sneeze in, as it was a known place that demanded absolute silence. I was greeted by screaming children in the play area and the librarians yelling across the aisles to each other.  I nearly lost it.  If I cannot go to a spa or a library and find peace and quiet, where can I go?!?!

And this day, more than any other, enlightened me as to why I love the woods so much.  It has become the ONLY place I can go to escape the chaos and noise of this world.  It seems that general respect for others and their surroundings has been lost, and it is getting worse with time.  When I step into the woods the only noise is the chirping of birds, the trees in the wind, and the flowing of the rivers around me.  Most of the time I never see another soul, and I can sit on a rock and simply take in the beauty of the nature around me.  For that hour or two that I am in the woods, everything feels like it always did.  Nothing has been altered from the days I spent in the woods as a child, and for that short time the world is as it used to be.  10 years ago…100 years ago.

So, if you are like me and you are fed up with the common disrespect and noise of the world and it’s residents…. step into the woods and get lost in the peacefulness of nature.  It is the best way to reconnect with who you are, and the best part…it’s free!!!


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