The Power of Intention

I have to tell a story that (in my mind) has given me all the evidence I need that if you put your intentions out there and believe in them, the universe will work in your favor to make it happen.

A few weeks ago you may have seen pictures on my Instagram of my heavenly bike ride around East Haddam.  It came on a day that I felt I had to get away from “society” and reconnect with nature.


So, we drove to East Haddam to spend some time on our bikes surrounded by more woods and less cars.  The route I mapped out turned out to be the perfect ride.  On this route there was one road that took my breath away with its beautiful farm houses, surrounded with creeks and birds singing away.  The peace and quiet we found on this bike ride, and this road in particular was something that I thought no longer existed.  image

As we drove by these farm houses I said to Erik, “I just want to go back to basics and work on one of these farms.  We can stay in one of these small out buildings and work for the veggies that we help harvest.”  As I said these words, I did not voice it as a fantasy, but something I really thought was a possibility.  I believed in it.


Two weeks later, I was browsing my favorite website, Helpx.  On this site “hosts” can post jobs that they have available (mostly on farms) in exchange for accommodation and sometimes food.  I usually search in Spain, Italy, France, etc.  Working on a Vineyard in Tuscany in exchange for food and a free stay. I know that it is not the time in our lives to do this, but I dream of a future for Erik and I traveling Europe working as HelpX “helpers”.

I rarely look in the USA, but for some reason I found myself browsing “New England”. I came across a farm in Colchester, CT, the town next to me.  I contacted the host, and the next day we went to the farm to meet him.  He told us about what we will be helping with; weeding, harvesting, pruning, canning, farmers markets, food to table dinners (yes, yes and YES!!!) but he will also need help at his EAST HADDAM GARDEN!  And you will never guess where that is… got it!  The road we had biked two weeks prior.  That same road I left my intentions on.  I planted those intentions and let them harvest.


This past Saturday we spent our first day at the East Haddam garden.  It was honestly heaven.  A dirt road with only 3 houses on it.  Fields, ponds, birds, peace and serenity.  We learned about gardening, harvesting and spent a beautiful day working hard on the garden.  Physical labor for a good cause.  Helping produce healthy, clean food that will feed the community and local schools.


People have asked us what we get in return.  They ask how we can do this without knowing what the pay will be.  These are the same people who say, “you and Erik are just lucky.  Things fall into your laps.”  We are not lucky.  We know what we want and we not only ask the universe for it, but we take steps to help make it happen.  We say “yes” to every opportunity that seems to fit in our “plan” even if we aren’t seeing monetary return right away.  When you embrace opportunities that seem to fit into your values and what you want in life, things will most likely fall into place.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Intention

  1. Welcome to enjoying gardening in East Haddam! Had no idea about Helpx that is interesting and something I think a few folks would be interested in checking out…. Will we be seeing some of your produce at the local farmers market on Wednesdays??? At Balleks?? or elsewhere- do keep us posted!

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