You Are Limitless

I am a different Personal Trainer than I was 6 years ago when I first started. Back then I lacked confidence and looked at the purpose of my job differently than I do today.  I thought people were paying me money to help them lose weight and get physically stronger, and that’s what I did for them. My fitness evaluations with each client proved I was doing my job.

image However, as I have matured as a person, I have taken my Personal Training and fitness instruction to the next level. Through a ton of reading, self evaluation, and in depth conversations with my best friends who are convienently life coaches and sports psychologists, I have realized that I have so much more to offer my clients than making them physically stronger. I have developed a huge passion of trying to tap into the mental strength of each person I train or even teach classes to.


What people don’t realize is that there is greatness in all of us. So many people just settle in the idea that, “I could never run a marathon.”  “I am just not a fast runner.”  “I’ve always had this extra weight, I can’t get rid of it.” Etc, etc. It is hard and very uncomfortable for people to admit and accept that they are capable of whatever they dare to dream of. With the acception of those who have disabilities or health issues, every single person can run a marathon. Whether you are overweight, older, or “just not a runner”…YOU can run a marathon. Or run a 6:30 mile. Or lose that extra 20 pounds.


The issue is not what you are capable of, it is what you are willing to do to get there. So, do not make the mistake of confusing what you CAN do and what you CHOOSE NOT TO DO. Many of us have already decided in our heads what we are capable of, and we refuse to look beyond that. We settle for what is comfortable and we don’t dare reaching further. Whether it is in fitness or in life. Maybe it is at your job. Do you LOVE what you are doing, or are you settling because it is comfortable and safe?  Are you excited to wake up every morning and get to work?  If not, then don’t tell me that your life is perfect. That’s the easy answer. It is comfortable to settle with an average life and convince yourself that you wouldn’t change a thing….but, when you really look deep inside and ask yourself “what would I do if I knew I would not fail?” What is the answer?


When it comes to fitness I see these patterns every day. People not attempting exercises because they may fail. People already deciding in their head what they are capable of, and never attempting to do anything more. Like when I do my fitness testing with my PT clients and so many of them hold a plank “as long as they can” for EXACTLY one minute. What are the chances that all of these people are at complete fatigue at exactly the one minute mark?  Could it be that they already decided in their head when they would hold it to, creating a predetermined limit?


I can’t help but think about how many of these people have created these same boundaries in their lives. And to be honest, it makes me so sad…because I know what an amazing life is out there if you are willing to take a risk to step out of that comfort zone.  If you were to live limitless. And I truly believe that the first step can come in your fitness routine. Why not practice there? Why not set a time goal that scares the s**t out of you for that next race? A goal that you don’t think you’re capable of, but I KNOW you are capable of. Why? Because we are all capable of that goal, it’s just how bad you want it and how much you are willing to do to get there. Or maybe sign up for that 5k, half marathon, marathon or maybe even an ultra marathon. I promise you that what you become in the process of chasing that dream, whether you reach it or not, will be worth it.


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