Moving, Marathon and More

I am officially a Florida resident. Registered voter.  Florida license.  Florida license plates. Florida address.  We are official homesteaders of The Sunshine State.

This last month has been crazy. I am pretty sure I have experienced every human emotion imaginable in the last 30 days. The stress of selling a home, trying to get everything packed and selling/donating everything we didn’t need. Loading a UHUAL and shipping all of our possessions as well as my car, dog and husband off to Florida, where we would close on a home down there.  Knowing I was going to be away from them for 5 weeks. Two jobs going full force in the process, making for very LONG working days. The sadness of leaving the place I have called home for the last 35 years…as well as the family, friends and clients that have made my life in that state AMAZING.  Excitement for new beginnings and heading to a warm and sunny location that we have dreamed of living at for years. Extreme missing of my boys. Physical pain and exhaustion from marathon training. Doubt of whether I would be able to even run a marathon with the pains I was experiencing. Nostalgia from staying at my childhood home for a month and running the same routes I did all through high school and hanging at my lake. Fear of making such a huge change and wondering if we did the right thing. Stress from trying to plot out a flight to D.C., run a marathon, then flight to Tampa to MOVE!!! All of this caused me to have extreme scatter brain and almost a numbing feeling as I went through the month.


It was all so complicated. I was so sad to say goodbye and leave CT, but also so excited to get to Florida to see my boys I was missing so badly. And sandwiched between all of that was the Marine Corp Marathon. As all of this other stuff called LIFE was swirling around me, I tried to stay focused on the 26.2 that I had spent so many weeks training for. This would be my first marathon running for a goal time (3:20) and I knew I had to stay grounded and rested to hit that goal. I am a strong believer that the physical body is deeply attached to the mental state, which I was thinking was the direct reason for my body breaking down. While mentally I felt numb to all of the insanity going on in my life, I was pretty certain it was presenting itself as lower back pain /hip pain. (If you haven’t read Dr. John Sarno: Healing Back Pain: The Mind Body Connection, you should!)


So, while making date after date with my friends and clients (goodbye lunch, dinner, drink, hike, etc) I tried to also stay focused on meditating, eating well, and getting plenty of sleep. Before I knew it, it was time to go.  My parents dropped me at the airport Friday Night and I boarded a plane to go run a race. Not to move.  Not to go see my husband. Not to leave CT and all those that mean the world to me. I boarded a plane to take care of business and in the process pay my respect and honor to the Men and Women of the United States Marine Corp who so selflessly put their lives on the line to protect us and our freedom. This race has been on my bucket list for years. I have always had a special place in my heart for Marines, because my Dad is a Marine and a Veteran of the Vietnam War. So I was not only running this race for the Marines I have never met, yet still fight for me…but for my Father, my favorite Marine.


Next stop, D.C.

Stay Tuned fo Marine Corp Race Report.

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