Condo Renovation

If you feel as though I have fallen off the face of the earth as a blogger and as a friend, I’m sorry. It has been a trying 6 weeks and I feel as though I have just shut down. As a writer.  As a creator. As a motivator. As a friend. As a person.  I am not proud of this…. I hate it. I hate the way I feel and the person I am at this moment, and I hope I’m not far from becoming the person I was not that long ago. A person full of happiness and grateful for such an amazing life.

I won’t sit here and bore you with all that has gone wrong. That wouldn’t be fun for you to listen to, and it would not be healthy for me to put out there. That’s what my journal is for. Let’s just say that since we have been handed the keys to our condo, everything has seemed to go wrong. I have NEVER felt so out of control, putting faith in “professionals” to completely renovate our condo and feeling as though each day things got worse not better.

My close friends know the details, but let’s just say it has been a learning experience.   I know that in the end we will be not only be relieved, but happy with this move. However, right now what was supposed to be a 2 week project is now 6 weeks in, with an overwhelming amount of work left. On a good note, the place is slowly starting to look like a home, and I cannot wait to move in.

Here are some before and during pics. Since the “during” pics were taken there are even more updates, which I will post soon. We have a long way to go until the place starts to look like our home, but I will try to remain patient and positive.

Again, this is not who I am or who I want to be. This last month and a half has proven to be a test and hands down the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life. I have obviously had single harder moments and days, but never a prolonged period this difficult.  I know there are reasons for these trials, and I will come out stronger than ever. I know that.

Thank you all who have lifted me up when I needed it. Being so far away from friends and family has made me realize how important good friends are and that distance can never break true bonds.  Here’s to progress and patience!





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