About This Blog


I am a Certified Personal Trainer with a burning desire and passion for TRAVEL. I love to combine my WORKOUTS with my love for the OUTDOORS by creating challenging workouts at local parks, fields, beaches, etc. When you are unable to get to the gym, remember: you are surrounded by the most beautiful gym: the world around us 🙂

With this blog I hope to inspire others and give them ideas for their own workouts.  Traveling or no gym membership should never be an excuse to not workout.  Some of my best workouts have been at local parks or other outdoor spaces where  little or no equipment is needed.  So, no excuses!  Get Up, Get Out, and Get Fit!


2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hi Darcy
    I loved your blog about the inner you and finding peace within yourself regardless of where your body is. I can so totally relate to this in my life. It’s true. You can’t escape from the stress of yourself. Hope you are enjoying your journey! We miss your kickass classes, but your Mission family is doing a great job in your absence!
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks for reading Tracy! I miss everyone at mission a ton, but tough to miss CT while I’m currently doing core work poolside …at 510pm with full sunlight and 80 degrees. Hope the family is great!!#

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