Summer Vacation Workout

It’s that time of year again!  My clients are leaving me behind (did I mention I will train you all day if you pay for my travel expenses?!?!?) and heading to their Summer Travel destinations. Cape Cod. Vermont. Rhode Island. Ahhhhh!!!!  I. LOVE. SUMMER!!!  Well, just because you are on vacation that DOESN’T mean you stop working out. Remember, it’s a LIFESTYLE. No gym? No problem. No equipment?  No problem.

Here is a workout you can do anywhere. Ideally you will start by marking a spot on the beach or grass with a towel, water bottle, etc.  You will the sprint for ONE MINUTE and mark that spot. These will be the spots you will be sprinting back and forth to. Enjoy. And remember, I will TRAIN FOR TRAVEL 😎





I did this workout with about 4 of my clients and every one of them told me they couldn’t move their arms the next morning. The 100 reps can be done in sets of 10, allowing you to do 10, 20, 30, etc at a time. The only equipment needed is a Reebok Step, or something similar to it.



30 Minute AMRAP Workout

It’s Simple.

2 exercises.

5 minutes.

Complete as many rounds as possible.

6 combinations.

30 minute workout.


* I used 25 lb Kettlebell

exercises you may not know:

Hand Release Push Up: start in push up position. Drop to the ground so chest is on the floor. Keep your feet on the ground while you lift both hands. Push back up into push up position

Plank to Push Up:  start in a push up position. Lower one elbow at a time bringing you into a plank. Walk one hand up at a time bringing you back to push up.

Sit and Stand:  I used the bottom step of staircase. Literally sit down. Lift the feet 2 inches (do not rock. Shoulders back) and stand up

Double Squat: squat with KB. Drop KB and squat without it. 1 rep= squat with KB only.

Shoe Clap: start in push up position. Walk feet out siz inches and in towards your hands a foot. Knees should be bent and butt raised. Shift all your weight to your hands as you jump the feet in the air and clap your shoes together. Land back in starting position.

Making Up For Lost Time Challenge

Equipment Needed:

set of dumbbells (I used 12.5lb)

25 lb Kettlebell

This last month I have not been working out like I would like. I have been battling an injury, which has kept me off the trails. Very little running and not a lot of jumping. My workouts have been consistent, but nothing too crazy. Lots of biking. Mt Biking and Road Riding.

Well, Saturday night I was ready for an ass kicking. I needed a good workout. So, I wrote down this workout:


I had no idea what I was in for until I finished Round 4. (I did 20 rounds of 10 Reps).  4 Rounds took me 20 minutes. And it was TOUGH!  I wanted to give up. But, I had already sent the workout to my fellow trainer. I told her I was doing it. That meant there was no other option. 2 hours and 15 minutes later I completed this workout.

I would suggest you choose the amount of rounds you do based on how much time you have. 30 minutes? Do 5 rounds. Hour? Do 10 rounds. Etc.