Summer Vacation Workout

It’s that time of year again!  My clients are leaving me behind (did I mention I will train you all day if you pay for my travel expenses?!?!?) and heading to their Summer Travel destinations. Cape Cod. Vermont. Rhode Island. Ahhhhh!!!!  I. LOVE. SUMMER!!!  Well, just because you are on vacation that DOESN’T mean you stop working out. Remember, it’s a LIFESTYLE. No gym? No problem. No equipment?  No problem.

Here is a workout you can do anywhere. Ideally you will start by marking a spot on the beach or grass with a towel, water bottle, etc.  You will the sprint for ONE MINUTE and mark that spot. These will be the spots you will be sprinting back and forth to. Enjoy. And remember, I will TRAIN FOR TRAVEL 😎



Basketball Court Workout

Here is a typical workout that I would do in Venice, Fl at a basketball court on my running route.

It can be one at any park you can find a bench at.


20 Tricep Dips


20 Elevated Shoulder Slaps


20 Up and Overs

50 Bench Jumps


Walking Lunge to First Line


Frog Jumps to next Line


(Continue this down the court and back)

Sprint Suicides

(Foul Line/Center Court/Opposite Foul Line/Opposite Baseline)

You’re Never Too Old

“You’re never too old. It’s never too late”

Yoga on the Beach in Venice, Fl


Every year my husband and I take a break from the cold winter months and travel to Venice, Fl for some sun and warmth. During our time there I spend every waking minute OUTSIDE.  Running, Biking, Walking. 

Many mornings I end up at Venice Beach.  Sunday Morning was one of those times. This is what I see. Every morning over 300 Seniors line the beach for Yoga. What an amazing way for them to start their morning. What is your excuse? 


(Hawaii) Beach Workout

imageSo, unlike Venice Beach, I (unfortunately) will not be the one traveling to Hawaii. However, I have a client going there and she is looking for some workouts to do while there. As you know, I am all about being outside as much as possible, so here is a good workout to do on the beach. Let’s be honest, who wants to be in Hawaii and inside a small gym?!?


  • Stopwatch
  • Towel
  • Any article to serve as a “cone”

First, place your towel flat on the ground. This will be your START point. Next, with a piece of clothing (or anything to mark your END point) and your stopwatch SPRINT for 20 seconds.  Place your article of clothing down. This is you’re END point.  You now have 2 “cones” the distance of a 20 second SPRINT away.


Beach Workout and Yoga


This morning I decided to head down to Venice Beach early to do some Yoga.  I arrived at the beach a little before 8am, just in time to watch over 100 Yogi’s filing onto the beach to do some “Free Yoga with Elin”.  I opted not to do THIS Yoga, since it is very low impact based on the elderly clientele.  Instead, I walked about 100 yards down the beach and set up my beach towel, Ipad to listen to my Yoga Mix (Jai Uttal, Eddie Vedder, Krishna Das, etc) and my cheat sheet (Tara Stiles Yoga Book)  I practiced for about 40 minutes, and it was nice to notice slight improvements starting to happen. Continue reading