Basketball Court Workout

Here is a typical workout that I would do in Venice, Fl at a basketball court on my running route.

It can be one at any park you can find a bench at.


20 Tricep Dips


20 Elevated Shoulder Slaps


20 Up and Overs

50 Bench Jumps


Walking Lunge to First Line


Frog Jumps to next Line


(Continue this down the court and back)

Sprint Suicides

(Foul Line/Center Court/Opposite Foul Line/Opposite Baseline)


Fitness Trail Workout

Here in Venice, Fl there are not many woods, and very little trails that look anything like the ones back home. However, right near where I am staying, there is a HUGE park with tons of Soccer and Baseball Fields, Tennis Courts, Football Stadium, a Basketball Court and a Fitness Trail.  Of course, I have been having a field day with this area for my workouts!

The entrance to this Fitness Trail is conveniently located at about the half way point of the 4 mile loop I run.  So, I dump into the “woods” and do a different circuit every time.  Sometimes I use the “equipment” for its intended purpose, and sometimes (most the time) I do my own thing.

Here is one of my workouts.

Come along with me……

Run about 2.2 miles to the entrance of the fitness trail.


2 sets of 10 (assisted) Pull Ups

SAM_2470 SAM_2471

Sprint about .2 miles to the next exercise


20 Elevated Push Ups

10 Semi-Elevated Push Ups

SAM_2486 SAM_2487

Burpee –>Jump on Bench–>Burpee

(20 Jumps on Bench Total)

Sprint about .2 miles to Next Exercise


50 High Knees on the Bench

SAM_2492 SAM_2493

Sprint to next Exercise


25 Plyo Jumps on Bench


High Knees

(back and forth 10 times)



20 Reverse Push Ups


Run 2 miles back home!

capri west

Athlete Specific Park Workout

What an amazing day I had on Sunday. Started off teaching a bootcamp. 21 people strong. Such great energy.Then I did the Vision Board class with Kindred Spirits at mission FITNESS. This deserves it’s own post and it will get it.

 Ah-mazing. image

Later on that day I met one of my clients at my favorite trail running location: Hurd State Park. She is a college basketball player who is home for fall break. She went a trail run with me this past summer and also did a trail race. She knew what she was getting into. This girl is bad ass. The harder the workout, the better. I’m blessed to have several young athletes with this attitude.

So, we did my favorite 5 mile loop. One that offers flat, fast trails with better scenery with each season. Some hills that make you question if you’re having a heart attack or just pushing past uncomfortable. But each with an amazing view to reward your hard work.


The other great thing about this loop is there are a bunch of areas with picnic tables where you can do some strength work. With this girl I also added some plyometric work.


Burpees, Plyo Jumps, Push Ups, Tricep Dips, overhang Taps and much more using just the park elements!


Another beautiful day using the world as my gym. 80+ degrees and nearly October. I’ll take it.

get outside. get fit.

The “No Equipment” Equipment Workout

I just for back from my Aunt and Uncles Beach Cottage in York, Maine and I thought I’d post the workout I did yesterday. I had just gotten back from a 6 mile and saw my husband had not yet returned from the store.  Extra time meant I could get in some strength work. I only had about 20 minutes, so this was a quick workout. I had no weights, and used only the “equipment” right in front of me.  Many people use the excuse that they are traveling or have no workout equipment so they can’t exercise. Get creative people!!  Get outdoors. Use the elements around you. Here are some ideas.

First Exercise:

Stair Push Ups

6 push ups from Bottom Step**8 Push Ups from 2nd Step**6 Push Ups from 3rd Step

I also did some tricep dips on the bottom step

Then I had to get really creative. I saw the stone wall right next to me. Most people see this as a decoration.  I see it as a world of exercise possibilities. I took different sized rocks of various weights and did several exercises including:

bicep curls

front/lateral raises

overhead press.

Below are a few shots of these exercises. imageNO EXCUSES!!!!!

when on the road, the world is my gym. make it yours too!


Beach Workout and Yoga


This morning I decided to head down to Venice Beach early to do some Yoga.  I arrived at the beach a little before 8am, just in time to watch over 100 Yogi’s filing onto the beach to do some “Free Yoga with Elin”.  I opted not to do THIS Yoga, since it is very low impact based on the elderly clientele.  Instead, I walked about 100 yards down the beach and set up my beach towel, Ipad to listen to my Yoga Mix (Jai Uttal, Eddie Vedder, Krishna Das, etc) and my cheat sheet (Tara Stiles Yoga Book)  I practiced for about 40 minutes, and it was nice to notice slight improvements starting to happen. Continue reading