Track Workout Challenge

track wourkoutOkay, I need some of you to do this workout and give me a goal time!  The Burpees I will be doing CHEST TO GROUND and the squat jumps should be done with the BUTT BELOW THE KNEES.  Send me your times on here or on TWITTER: @myworldmygym.



200 Yd Results & the REAL Challenge Revealed

sometimes you need to drag the spouse for support

sometimes you need to drag the spouse for support

On Thursday my husband, Erik, and I headed to the football field to try the 200 yd  challenge I explained a few blogs back.   We were both nervous, feeling like we were walking into the first day of tryouts.  I really think that being an “athlete” is a lifetime character trait, and the emotions you felt during your career are ones you can tap into at any time as if they were there yesterday.  We decided to take turns, one timing while the other is sprinting.  Stepping up to the goal line, 100 yards seemed SO FAR away….AND we had to sprint BACK too.  We were not only worried that we may be throwing up our breakfast, but we would be doing it on the 5th interval….6 away from our goal! Continue reading

200 yd Challenge

SAM_1342Today my husband and I will head to the nearest football field for a cardiovascular challenge. While working with another trainer at a soccer clinic, he presented the girls with this challenge & I had to try it. I LOVE challenges 🙂

So, if you are traveling or can’t get to the gym, find a football field (or you can measure 200 yds) and a stopwatch and try this:

You have ONE MINUTE to sprint down the football field and back (200 yds)
one minute-your time = your rest (ex. it takes you 40 seconds, you have a 20 second rest)
You are done once it takes you more than a minute to do 200 yds.

Obviously, as you go your rest time is going to diminish. This is testing your cardiovascular endurance & your recovery time. A Division 1 athlete is expected to complete at least 11 rounds. Are you at that level?!?!

Stadium Workout

50 Plyo Jumps

50 Plyo Jumps

We are still in Venice, Fl, and I cannot get enough of the weather.  It has been mid 80’s and sunny every day since we have been here, and I am in HEAVEN!  As always, I try to spend as much time as possible outside, and of course that includes my workouts!

Today I decided to use the Football stadium down the road from the condo.   The stadium is about .75 miles away, which I used as my warm-up jog.  I then used the stairs & field for the rest of my workout, which you can find below.

As you will learn through this blog, there is a fitness facility around every corner, you just have to be creative!

3/4 mile warm up jog

End with 3/4 mile 5K pace home.