Yoga Challenge: 6 Weeks In

I have to say that since I have returned from sunny, warm, beautiful Florida, my Yoga practice has been slacking a little.  I am still trying to do at least 20 minutes every day, but I feel there are days I am doing that strictly because I know I will have to post photos soon (I know you all have been on the edge of your seats waiting!) and not because I am craving it like a did in Florida.

A large part of this could be due to the mild depression I have slipped into since returning home to wintry, cold, snowy CT (read ME vs. SAD )  As you will see in my photos, my backdrop is no longer a sunny poolside zen-like area, but INSIDE (blah) my house.  I am hoping, come Spring, I will get back outside and snap out of this depression and be posting some amazing Yoga photos, showing huge improvements.  In the meantime, please enjoy my latest photos, which I will put side by side with my Day One photos to make me feel better!!


Downward DOG

While doing yoga today, my little buddy snuck on my mat to show me some things.  If he could talk, I’m pretty sure he would have said, “let me show you how this is done. They named these poses after me for a reason”

Yoga Challenge: 2 Week Results (photo progression)



It has been 16 days since I posted my first pictures of my chosen Yoga Poses.  Since then, I have tried to incorporate Yoga daily, whether it be a 10 minute/50 minute Tara Stiles YouTube video, or practicing Yoga by myself on the beach.  After viewing the difference between my Week One & Week Two Poses, I realize that to continue to make big changes (and even maintain changes) I need to start practicing longer every day and a bigger variety of poses.  I tend to do the same Tara Stiles Video (which I love because it’s 50 minutes) and I can see the poses that are repeated in that video are the ones I am seeing the biggest improvements in (downward dog, low lunge, etc)  When I get home I plan to attend more Yoga classes!  Continue reading

Yoga Challenge: Week One Results



It has been just over a week, and after looking at the pics, I think I am showing small improvements in my poses. I have made sure to practice every day, some days 15 minutes, other days 45 minutes. I have found that TRACKING my results with pictures and holding myself accountable with a blog has helped tremendously. Continue reading

Beach Workout and Yoga


This morning I decided to head down to Venice Beach early to do some Yoga.  I arrived at the beach a little before 8am, just in time to watch over 100 Yogi’s filing onto the beach to do some “Free Yoga with Elin”.  I opted not to do THIS Yoga, since it is very low impact based on the elderly clientele.  Instead, I walked about 100 yards down the beach and set up my beach towel, Ipad to listen to my Yoga Mix (Jai Uttal, Eddie Vedder, Krishna Das, etc) and my cheat sheet (Tara Stiles Yoga Book)  I practiced for about 40 minutes, and it was nice to notice slight improvements starting to happen. Continue reading

My Personal Yoga Challenge: Day One



After abusing my body for 32 years, I have come to the realization that something needs to change.  I have played sports my whole life, and played sports HARD!  I topped my career as a college basketball player, and before spent my life playing 3 sports.  My body has been banged, sprained, bruised, broken, screened, slide tackled…you get the point. I would practice/play hard for 2 hours without any stretching or recovery.  Needless to say, I am now a hot mess.  In the words of my massage therapist, “my heart breaks for you” and “you are top 3 tightest people I have massaged in my career”.  I usually love top 3 finishes, but not in this category! Continue reading