Beaufort, SC

Beaufort, SC was on my “places to see” list for awhile.  It originally sparked my interest back in 2013 when I saw it ranked #1 on America’s Happiest Seaside Town List in Coastal Living Magazine.  So, as we made our way up the Coast, we booked a stay at Hunting Island State Park located on one of the many Sea Islands in the Low Country.  This State Park is the most popular one in South Carolina, offering over 3 miles of natural beach, over 5000 acres of undeveloped land, and just 15 minutes East of Historic Beaufort.


When we arrived at the campground it didn’t take long to fall in love. Once crossing a bridge and entering Hunting Island, it seemed as though you were on a secluded island.  Then, we quickly realized that the campground was practically on the beach.  I’m sure this was something I knew, and had seen in pictures during my research, but we were traveling and exploring so much that at times I don’t even remember what state we were in!


Unfortunately, it was raining the day we arrived (common theme lately).  However, around 330pm the rain stopped, allowing us to get out of our camper for a walk on the beach…..


IMG_20150224_221617exploring the Lighthouse….


and the trails, which I quickly fell in LOVE with!!


And then it rained some more…and more…and more.

So sad!  So much to explore and such a beautiful campground and the COLD and RAIN kept us in the camper. (Which we are still loving!)

I couldn’t stop thinking about the trails…and even tough Beaufort School Systems were closed because of freezing rain, I went out to run 8 miles worth of amazing trails.


When it finally stopped raining, we ventured to Historic Beaufort area.  While it was still cold (probably in the low 40’s) we bundled up and got out there. And I’m so happy we did.  As I have said in the past, the one good thing about the weather being as bad as it has been, it has allowed us to explore all of these areas that would normally be busy, in a way that makes us feel we are the only people on earth.

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We sat on these swings as we could hear the gun shots in the distance, coming from close by Marine Corps Training Facility on Parris Island.  This had a specific meaning to me, since it was where my Dad was stationed for bootcamp while in the Marines.

1424878347503 1424878630642

Then we made our way to the side streets, were just like Savannah the old Southern homes, with the Live Oaks with draping Spanish Moss stole the show.  Each corner we turned brought with it a more beautiful home, as well as an unobstructed marsh view.


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This campground is definitely one that we will revisit, and hopefully we will be able to explore the area more with nicer weather!


200 yd Challenge

SAM_1342Today my husband and I will head to the nearest football field for a cardiovascular challenge. While working with another trainer at a soccer clinic, he presented the girls with this challenge & I had to try it. I LOVE challenges 🙂

So, if you are traveling or can’t get to the gym, find a football field (or you can measure 200 yds) and a stopwatch and try this:

You have ONE MINUTE to sprint down the football field and back (200 yds)
one minute-your time = your rest (ex. it takes you 40 seconds, you have a 20 second rest)
You are done once it takes you more than a minute to do 200 yds.

Obviously, as you go your rest time is going to diminish. This is testing your cardiovascular endurance & your recovery time. A Division 1 athlete is expected to complete at least 11 rounds. Are you at that level?!?!