Another Deck of Cards Workout

As I have stated, lately (winter) I find it hard to motivate myself to do an intense workout by myself, at home.  Don’t get me wrong, certain days are easier than others, but I have been spoiled with BOOTCAMPS at mission FITNESS.  The energy involved in those classes are very hard to duplicate solo.  Truth be told, there is no way I can duplicate it.  The energy at our studio is second to none, and there is nothing like partnering up with someone that is going to push you to your max.

That being said, there are days I am home and need a good workout.  I need something to spark my interest…a challenge.  I find a deck of cards workout to do just that.  It is a way to change things up and challenge myself while keeping it interesting.  It can be done with any exercises, but here is an example of one I did today:



Deck of Cards Workout

imageYesterday I had one of those “I feel fat. I feel out of shape. I hate my life” kind of days. A.K.A PMS kind of days!  So, I was stuck at home and decided I was going to go outside and shovel a walking path for my niece so she could sled. Heavy snow = exercise + fresh air = a happier me. It took me 5 minutes to bundle up, and about 5 seconds to turn around & walk right back in. Literally, 17 degrees with a solid 40 mph wind. No thanks.

So, time for an at-home workout. Not my favorite thing. So, how can I make it interesting? I had seen something like this before, and knew it would be good for me. If I’m not at a bootcamp, I sometimes have a hard time pushing myself and staying focused. This workout turned out to be about a 20 minute workout and it kept me interested. Best part, I was tired and sweaty when I was done.

What you need: Deck of Cards

Give each suit an exercise.  I decided to do one upper body, lower body, cardio, & core. You can choose any four. The imagenumber on the card will represent the reps of the exercise. You can see what I chose to do for face cards, but again that is up to you. Start with the deck Face down and flip one card over at a time until you finish all 52!  Have fun!