2 Mile Challenge



The “No Equipment” Equipment Workout

I just for back from my Aunt and Uncles Beach Cottage in York, Maine and I thought I’d post the workout I did yesterday. I had just gotten back from a 6 mile and saw my husband had not yet returned from the store.  Extra time meant I could get in some strength work. I only had about 20 minutes, so this was a quick workout. I had no weights, and used only the “equipment” right in front of me.  Many people use the excuse that they are traveling or have no workout equipment so they can’t exercise. Get creative people!!  Get outdoors. Use the elements around you. Here are some ideas.

First Exercise:

Stair Push Ups

6 push ups from Bottom Step**8 Push Ups from 2nd Step**6 Push Ups from 3rd Step

I also did some tricep dips on the bottom step

Then I had to get really creative. I saw the stone wall right next to me. Most people see this as a decoration.  I see it as a world of exercise possibilities. I took different sized rocks of various weights and did several exercises including:

bicep curls

front/lateral raises

overhead press.

Below are a few shots of these exercises. imageNO EXCUSES!!!!!

when on the road, the world is my gym. make it yours too!


Push Up Challenge


This can be done as a modified push up also (from the knees)

Remember, each push up should end with your elbows 90 degrees and your back completely straight with the core engaged. Your head should not be down, rather looking about six inches ahead. Your chest should go low enough where it could hit a fist on the floor. 100 half-a** push ups do less than 10 proper push ups. DO NOT CHEAT YOURSELF!!!  

(A great link for motivation on doing exercises with the proper form)

your goal is to do 100 push ups. 

As soon as you lose form and/or cannot do any more PROPER push ups, you stop and do 20 squat jumps. You then go back to where you left off (let’s say 18) do as many as you can (let’s say you get to 24) then do 20 more squat jumps. You continue to do this until you get to 100 push ups. 

What Is Your Why?

I haven’t written a blog in awhile. One with thoughts. Deep thoughts. Probably for many reasons….

*It has been an uneventful winter. No races. Lots of snow.

*I get depressed in the winter. Like, very depressed. I love the outdoor, but loathe the cold. Not a good combo for a New England winter. No one wants to read about how depressed I am.

*I only write when I have clear thoughts. Those “ah-hah” moments. My thoughts have been all over the place lately. Lots of soul searching. I guess that’s what hours on the bike trainer and treadmill will do.

But, here I am. I’m ready. I may still be depressed, but I am starting to have some clear thoughts, thanks to the motivational videos I have been listening to.  They have gotten me through some tough workouts and I’ve played a few clips at bootcamps, and have gotten some great feedback from clients. I truly believe that if you have any desire to be better at ANYTHING, just listening to 6 minutes of these videos a day would make you better.

The one question that has stood out for me:


This question can be asked to anyone.

Why do you want to be successful in business?

Why do you want to lose weight?

And for me: Why do I run these “crazy” races?

Why do I work so hard to try to be a top finisher?

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