At Any Given Moment Who Have Two Options…

2 weeks from today….Friday, October 23rd I will board a plane and officially leave Connecticut. I will not fly directly to Florida, however. I fly to Washington D.C. where I will run the Marine Corp Marathon, then to Florida. In exactly 2 weeks I will move from the state I have called home for the last 35 years. I will fly to Erik, who has already arrived in Florida and reunite with him and Gunner after a month apart.


While it has been a tough month with so much craziness and transitions, I have to say I could not have written a better script for my departure. First, with Erik and Gunner gone for a month when it is my time to leave it will make leaving so much easier.  I miss them so much it literally hurts. Second, I will be flying to run a marathon, which will take my mind off of leaving with the nerves and excitement of marathon weekend. Third, I am able to spend my last month with my parents, in the house (and bedroom) I grew up in. To go out on runs on the same roads I remember doing as a child and to spend this time with my parents has been a real treat.


So, as my time winds down in Connecticut I am embracing this beautiful fall season, but also looking forward to the change. I have always known that I am not that girl who stays in her small town home and never leaves the comforts of all it has to offer. I’ve always had this tug on my heart to leave and go explore what this world has to offer. I have suffered from incredible anxiety in my adult life, and I am starting to understand it was largely because I felt trapped. I felt I was living a life that I was not meant to live. I only felt truly free when I was traveling and discovering small towns and unfamiliar areas. When I would return from these adventures I would feel homesick. What a crazy thing. I was homesick from the mountains, the woods, the places I only spent one night at. I was never homesick from “home”.


So, now we start the journey of the unknown. Erik has already started working at his job and seems to really enjoy it. We will work seasonally in Florida, allowing us the summer months to explore and travel. To jump in our camper and discover small towns, mountains, and all the places I have never been but am homesick for. While I am experiencing a lot of sadness and some uncertainty about such a large move, I am overwhelmed with excitement. I feel this is the beginning of a new, happy life for Erik, Gunner and I.  More than anything I am proud of us.  We are the only ones who really know what it has taken to get to this place. The sacrifices we have made and the endless hours of working and saving. All with a goal in mind. And, as we celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary this month we celebrate 12 years of working as a team and accomplishing more than we could have ever dreamed of. A life of happiness, big dreams, freedom, and love. The love. That’s what means the most. Because what would all of this mean if I didn’t have my best friend to share it with. On the month of this 12 year wedding anniversary I am so thankful the young me never gave up on us. I am thankful I get to start the life of my dreams with the only one I would ever went to share it with.


mondayThe other day I drove by my old “corporate job” and instinctively I got that uneasy feeling in my stomach.  The one that hit me every day as I pulled down the road, and into the driveway of my work.  5, sometimes 6 days a week this would happen.  And then there was Sunday Night…ugh!  I hated Sunday Nights.  It meant Monday was only one wakeup away.  So, what day DID I enjoy?  Saturday?  Well, I worked every other Saturday.  So, for a few years I lived a life when I only enjoyed every other Saturday.  Awesome.  What a life.

I had almost forgotten about that life until I drove past that office, and felt that nausea feeling instinctively.  I could only think, “how many people still live that life every day?”  A life when you dread almost every day because you hate your job, and only stay at it because it pays well or has good “benefits”?  If you ask me…you can keep those “benefits”!  My new life has its own benefits, and in my eyes they far outweigh a 401K or health insurance!

I have the BENEFIT of waking up every day with a different schedule.  Some days I work at the golf course, some days I train, and some days I do both.  At mission FITNESS I workIMG_7647 with amazing people, trainers and clients, who inspire me everyday.  There is an energy that engulfs the studio, one that all who are a part of the MF Family understand.  It is a positive, energetic environment that I feel privilege to be a part of.

I have the BENEFIT to do what I have passionate about my whole life: FITNESS.  I receive “thank you” emails, cards, and texts often for pushing people and helping them achieve their fitness goals, yet I feel I am the lucky one. I feel I am the one that should be sending the Thank You’s!  These AMAZING people have chosen MY class out of NUMEROUS options in the area, and for that I am so thankful!

BCCI have the BENEFIT of pulling into my 2nd job surrounded by beautiful ponds, flowers, and fairways.  What is more beautiful than a golf course in the Spring?!?!  I drive around a golf cart all day, selling beverages to golfers, most of which are in a wonderful mood because they are GOLFING, not working!  I meet amazing people, and work alongside some wonderful people…some who ARE family, others I consider “family”.

I have the BENEFIT of pulling into my job(s) excited to be there.  I look forward to Sunday nights because my day off now is Monday!  I spend it with my husband trail running, with my girlfriends drinking coffee, or just relaxing.  I like the world I have chosen.  A world when the only thing better than a Sunday Night is a Monday morning!  Life is what you make of it.  Find a way to make every day a Saturday and Monday your favorite day!

Creating a Vision and Making it Happen!

A few years back I went to see Daniel Pink speak at Harvard, discussing his book: “Drive: The Suprising Truth About What Motivates Us”.  He discussed how we are driven by being a part of something creative…something bigger than us.  This statement has always stayed with me, and I find it so true.  Today, I had a great business planning session with a friend.  Brain storming sessions are so inspiring, even if it is for someone elses business.  However, I believe that everything comes back to you, and success in her business, Inspired Style Events  will in some way lead to success in my life.  It’s Karma.  It’s the Law of Attraction.

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