Push Up Challenge


This can be done as a modified push up also (from the knees)

Remember, each push up should end with your elbows 90 degrees and your back completely straight with the core engaged. Your head should not be down, rather looking about six inches ahead. Your chest should go low enough where it could hit a fist on the floor. 100 half-a** push ups do less than 10 proper push ups. DO NOT CHEAT YOURSELF!!!  

(A great link for motivation on doing exercises with the proper form)

your goal is to do 100 push ups. 

As soon as you lose form and/or cannot do any more PROPER push ups, you stop and do 20 squat jumps. You then go back to where you left off (let’s say 18) do as many as you can (let’s say you get to 24) then do 20 more squat jumps. You continue to do this until you get to 100 push ups. 


CHALLENGE Yourself With a WORKOUT #1

My best friend text me yesterday saying I needed to blog more At-Home Workouts.  She was stuck at home with a sick kid, and unable to attend class at my gym.  Later, I saw she pinned a workout, and I can guess that this may have been what lead her to text me.

You’ve seen these on Pinterest.


These workouts are fine…. if you can get through them.  However, if you’re anything like me, you may get bored with this.  BUT, if you post a workout and tell me how long it took you to complete….THAT interests me! I LOVE COMPETITION!

So, whenever I do a bootcamp with a challenge that doesn’t need equipment, I will post it on here along with the best time for you to try to beat.

This is when I wish I had more FOLLOWERS!  I would love to have 25-50 posts telling me what your workout times were, but I know we will get there!!

Definition of our exercises

Shoulder Slaps:  Start in a hand plank and bring left hand to right shoulder then left to right shoulder, etc.  Try to keep feet together and try not to rock the hips.

Shoe Clap: start on all fours with knees slightly bent and just outside shoulder width apart.  Jump feet into air, shifting weight onto your hands.  Clap your feet together at your butt and land them back at starting position.  As soon as they land jump them right back up.

Squats: Butt must go beyond parallel.

Knee Tucks: Plyometric/Explosive movement.  Jump both knees up to chest.

Burpee_Chest hits the ground, clap at the top of your jump