Push Up Challenge


This can be done as a modified push up also (from the knees)

Remember, each push up should end with your elbows 90 degrees and your back completely straight with the core engaged. Your head should not be down, rather looking about six inches ahead. Your chest should go low enough where it could hit a fist on the floor. 100 half-a** push ups do less than 10 proper push ups. DO NOT CHEAT YOURSELF!!!  

(A great link for motivation on doing exercises with the proper form)

your goal is to do 100 push ups. 

As soon as you lose form and/or cannot do any more PROPER push ups, you stop and do 20 squat jumps. You then go back to where you left off (let’s say 18) do as many as you can (let’s say you get to 24) then do 20 more squat jumps. You continue to do this until you get to 100 push ups. 


My First Venice “Client”


Photo Courtesy of: http://www.venice-fla.com/

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I spent the last 3 weeks in Venice, Fl. While at a “social” in the condo complex, I met a renter who brought up that she likes working out, and has not found a challenging workout in the area. She had been doing workouts in her condo by herself, but still could not get the workout she got from her trainer back home. I took this opportunity to offer her a workout session at the park right down the road.

I am so passionate about sharing my outdoor workout ideas, and I was fortunate for this opportunity. When renting in Florida during the winter months, why would you NOT want to do most of your workout outside, instead of at a YMCA?

I did not know her fitness level, so I decided to just have a general idea of exercises to do, ones which can be done at all levels. Continue reading

200 Yd Results & the REAL Challenge Revealed

sometimes you need to drag the spouse for support

sometimes you need to drag the spouse for support

On Thursday my husband, Erik, and I headed to the football field to try the 200 yd  challenge I explained a few blogs back.   We were both nervous, feeling like we were walking into the first day of tryouts.  I really think that being an “athlete” is a lifetime character trait, and the emotions you felt during your career are ones you can tap into at any time as if they were there yesterday.  We decided to take turns, one timing while the other is sprinting.  Stepping up to the goal line, 100 yards seemed SO FAR away….AND we had to sprint BACK too.  We were not only worried that we may be throwing up our breakfast, but we would be doing it on the 5th interval….6 away from our goal! Continue reading

Yoga Challenge: Week One Results



It has been just over a week, and after looking at the pics, I think I am showing small improvements in my poses. I have made sure to practice every day, some days 15 minutes, other days 45 minutes. I have found that TRACKING my results with pictures and holding myself accountable with a blog has helped tremendously. Continue reading